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For the past 2 days i have had an issue with skyrim, when i try to start a new game or load an existing one(the prisoner one at the end of the prologue) the game load for a little bit then the screen goes black and i can hear a horse breathing or something. When i open the task manager the program There is no problem with the launcher itself, it launches the game well.

This is the only steam game i have that doesn't work

My specs are

Processor : Intel® Core ™ i5-3570k CPU @ 3,40 GHz

Video card: Geforce GTX 970

Memory(RAM): 8.00 GB

I have tried somethings already: none worked

- I have all the latest drivers for everything, video card, sound card etc

- I have unistalled any mods i had previously and returned the game to its vanilla settings.

- I have made a clean uninstall and reinstalled the game

- I made sure i have the latest visual c++ redistributable (not the ones that skyrim SE had in its folder)

- I tried the nvidia designated GPU, but i don't seem to have the option in nvidia control panel to switch the GPU.

- I run both SkyrimSe and SkyrimSe launcher in compatibility mode and as an administrator.


I downloaded the skyrim performance monitor, and i noticed some things.

- regardless of whether i have ultra or low settings my cpu is always at 80-90 %

- Memory and vram seem to peak at 2 mb even though i have 4 vram total

- (not sure if this matters) regardless if i have low or ultra settings Disk IO is almost always around 0 MB (some small peaks or "hills" here and there)

Help would be appreciated :)
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