C3EAI and other server problems

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C3EAI no longer seems to be working properly; the players in the server don't show, not able to change map etc but it can seem to connect to the actual server fine.

When players are in the server ^^^

I've tried restarting the server/stopping and starting it. Tried re-downloading C3EAI (the latest version), disconnected, reconnected with it, etc.... still doesn't work.

How do I log in to the server via the in-game console command?
I've tried following this format: Image to no avail.
The password is entered, but it's just blacked out.

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Post » Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:14 am

I tried the ingame rcon many time and it never worked.

Some months ago I programmed a tool by myself. It is a onscreen tool which shows all players. You can set hotkeys to kick players. Description should be in the zip archive.

However here is another tool which should work as well with more functions.
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Post » Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:02 am

How do I log in to the server via the in-game console command?

try this example: rcon_connect addr: port:64102 pass:password

additional commands:

rcon_command ban playername
rcon_command kick playername
rcon_command sv_say welcome
rcon_command disconnect

dont forget to disconnect after you enable command(till 10min max) to prevent server stuttering game lag / you would not be able to log in vi rcon
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