Can't Activate Activators from MenuMode?

Post » Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:38 am

If this is a thing, since when? I'm suddenly unable to pick up all my furniture because it only lets you do so in menumode (to avoid annoying menus popping up every time to try to pick up a piece of saltrice from a table and miss, for example). All those cushions I made, for UL and The Tea Mod, can no longer be picked up, when it worked fine before. It's worked for ages. I've had these same scripts on the cushions since day one, and all of a sudden they no longer function like they used to. I get exactly the same problem in OpenMW. What the hell?

Edit: OMG I think I'm the idiot here. My old scripts had the OnActivate block with the MenuMode check inside it and all this time it hung waiting for menumode before doing its thing. I'd always been only activating it outside menumode, all this time, and I NEVER NOTICED. :facepalm:

Now I have to rewrite all my furniture scripts so they actually work properly 100% of the time. Actually I just did one and tested it, got it working. The other 100 can wait until my next two-week modding binge months from now because ARGH.

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