Can't figure out waiting in GECK

Post » Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:11 am

I've done a fair bit of adding mods and edited a few things in GECK myself to personalize my game; most recently I changed anything I could find that reduces endurance to also reduce my max health until the endurance is restored. This had the unforeseen side effect of also not letting me wait or sleep if i every got any of the primary need sicknesses. This is problematic considering getting rid of sleep deprivation is easiest done by sleep, and this was one of the effects I changed. Every time I try to sleep or wait, it says I am taking damage, because I added the "reduce health" effect to have the effect I wanted. I was hoping someone could help me remove the restrictions on waiting, so I can wait while taking damage, because this seems like the most straightforward fix for this. Other suggestions are also appreciated. Thanks in advance and hope someone knows better than I do.

Edit: I realized shortly that this probably belongs on the GECK forum rather than the mod one, but can't seem to find the delete button to re-post it there. Sorry!

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