Can someone explain the mq timeline?

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It doesnt make any sence to me. Shaun was grabbed, and the ss gets woken up by father 60 years later and attempts to track down his infant son (now an old man). How does that tie into Kellogg? Was he and shaun in Diamond City 50 years ago? Was Kellogg living there with a different kid? Just how old IS Kellogg by the time you catch him? I know in the memory you see Shaun taken as a child, and on the radio you can hear Travis, and he can mention Piper, so are they all at least 60 as well? And the cigars, is dogmeat tracking 50 year old smokes that have been left out in the elements? Wouldnt the mayor have said something about the time frame that Kellogg was living in the house?

Anyone? Please? ??
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Connie Thomas
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Have you met Father yet? Have you been to the institute?

It hasn't been 50 years, since Kellogg stayed in Diamond City. Travel to the Institute and every thing will become clear. I don't want to spoil anything for you.

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Antony Holdsworth
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It's stated somewhere Kellogg left DC about 10 years ago.

I'd say more likely you are not following Kellogg with shawn, you're tracking Kellogg as he is looking for Virgil. As the scent wouldn't be there after 10 years
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Mimi BC
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Oh and yea, Kellogg is rather old, but you do find that he's technically enhanced by the variety of his implants. You do remove them, after you kill him and use the brain implant to retrace his memories.

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Jessie Rae Brouillette
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Kellogg killed your spouse and kidnapped your kid 60 years ago.

Recently, Kellogg was in Diamond City with a child named Shaun. A courser showed up with orders for Kellogg to track down Virgil, and takes the boy with him back to the Institute. Kellogg heads to Fort Whateveritscalled to prepare for his expedition into the Glowing Sea. This is when you track him down.

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Kelly John
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Yeah this is my second time through. Still dont get it. Was the Shaun they show in the memory a synth, or the real deal?
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Vicky Keeler
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Post » Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:12 pm

2077- Sole Survivor and family enter Vault 111.

2227- Shaun kidnapped. Shaun is an infant.

2277- Sole Survivor released.

2227+60=2277. Shaun is 60 when you meet him.

The Shaun we see in the memory is a Synth, created to lure Sole Survivor to Kellogg and to fool them into thinking Shaun's a child.

Kellogg is over a century old because of implants that prolonged his lifespan.

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Flesh Tunnel
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2287 is what you meant to say, right!? ;) The SS leaves Vault 111 in 2287.

And yes, the Shaun in the memory is the synth kid.

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Emily Jones
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