Cant Use SetScale on Particle Effects?

Post » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:47 pm

Does anyone know for sure if this is the case? I'm getting two different results in Regular Morrowind and OpenMW and neither of them good. In the regular game, setscale doesn't work at all. The Mournhold fountain spray mesh I attached a random scaling script to stays exactly the same size. I know the random part of it is working, since random below 50 disables the fountain completely and that part works.

In OpenMW all scaling does is make the effect invisible except for some kind of weird strobing, but I don't want to delve too deep into that. All it really tells me is trying to use a scripted setscale on this thing is a bad idea no matter which version of the engine the mod is running on.

I tried setting the scale with a variable at first, and when that didn't work, I fell back to a hard-coded number. I hid everything but the scaling under a return, so it was the only thing the script was doing. Nothing works. The size of the fountain doesn't change.

So what are my other options here, if setscale is out. Enabling/disabling different versions? Not only is that a lot of work, but a major pain, since I wanted to smoothly scale the fountain up as the water pressure increases. My tests were done with only one scale at a time before I got too fancy.

Edit: It looks like OpenMW will let me set the scale, but not with a variable, and since it doesn't work at all in the old engine, it doesn't really help me at all.

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