[Help] Change NPC disposition towards Player Character

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I downloaded the Construction Set and tried to edit my save file with the intention of changing most NPCs' disposition towards the player character to 200. I was unable however to find out where the disposition value is stored.

Now, I know how disposition is originally derived - it's all in the UESP. However, since you can alter that value through the persuasion minigame I assumed that a value is stored somewhere for each NPC's disposition towards another NPC, in this case the player character.

I could theoretically use console commands to achieve my goal, but that would 1) take an incredible amount of time since I'd have to gather all RefIDs I could find online and 2) many NPCs in the game are generic and don't have RefIDs that you can find online, meaning I would have to track them down in game. Therefore the next logical step was to try my luck with the Construction Set, where I ran into the above problem. Please note that I don't have to use the CS to do this, any other method that could work is just as welcome.

Any advice as to how to complete the aforementioned task would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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