Character Archetypes (or Classes if you will) in FONV

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im not sure how this will work but I wanna have a discussion about archetypes for a Courier, or in other words, classes. Im really stuck in a rut on my NCR Courier and my RP is kind of rudderless without her, so to help myself and many others lets try to come up with some ideas for some general backgrounds/archetypes/classes a Courier could have.

Perhaps we can use a template to make it easier

Class/Archetype Name
Fallout character based on:
Primary Weapon:
Important Perks:

Again Id like to keep this broad and general to an archetype and nothing relating to the character's personality so lets try to keep Traits and SPECIALs out of this if we can.

very interested to see what we come up with.
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Ill go first to illustrate what I mean. Ill be using some Elder Scrolls classes/archetypes as a guideline for a few of them

Any, Prospector Pete
Guns, Repair, Barter
Fortune Finder, Scrounger

Cass, Roving Traders
Barter, Speech, Repair?
Caravan Shotgun
Long Haul, Pack Rat

Country Doctor
Doc Mitchell, Ada Strauss
Medicine, Guns/EW, Science?
Living Anatomy, Life Giver

(Former) Military Officer
Colonel Hsu, General Oliver, Colonel Moore
Guns, Speech, ???
Rifle, Pistol
Ferocious Loyalty, Grunt

Vulpes Inculta, Christine
Guns/EW, Lockpick, Sneak
Sniper Rifle, Silenced Pistol, knife
Silent Running, Sniper, The Professional, Mister Sandman

i think you get the idea, before I post some more lets see some more from you and some discussion on others
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