Completely weird VWD objects behavior.

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I'm experiencing very strange and annoying VWD objects issue.
No VWD objects apart from those that have original names are being displayed in my game.

I made a simple test -
took one of original objects which has correct VWD settings (BravilCastleTower01) and placed it somewhere in the world, then saved the plugin and generated LOD data by using TES4Edit - went to see the result in game and everything was fine.

Next I changed in CS the name of BravilCastleTower01 to BravilCastleTower03 (only the last digit was changed) and saved as a new entry. Then positioned this tower close to that placed previously. Finally regenerated LOD data in TES4Edit and went to see things in game - to my surprise that second tower was not there.

I tested many mods that worked flawlessly in my game before - and the conclusion is that no any object which has different name in the CS than the stock one is being displayed properly as a VWD object (it is simply not there) - only stock objects (those that have original names) are being displayed correctly from far away.

As for my setup - the installation of Oblivion is completely fresh (no any mods are there or other junk, just the game patched to the latest official fixes and that's it). The game is installed on different partition as well. The only difference I can spot for now from my previous setup when all that worked flawlessly is Windows 7 (previously it was XP).

Has anyone experienced similar issues and/or has some thoughts or solution to this?
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