Crysis 2 Can't Login Network connection error!! Help me Plea

Post » Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:32 pm

This happens every couple months or so... I wont be able to log in on crysis 2, It always say Chck network connection, or somthing. It keep this way for weeks, it already been 1 week. This is unacceptible I bought this game for $60 and am unable to play it. I tryed everything My network is fine, I have high grade speed internet, and works fine for everything else, I tryed everything, its the game. Please help me, I must play multiplayer and can not. Please help me fix this!! it happen to crysis 2 demo before crysis 2 came out, now that I have the game and have had since the release I can only play it for a short while until that login error comes up again, then I have to wait a few weeks somtime longer, and then it start all over
Please help me I beg you! please I have looked everywhere and tried every meathod I can find. I beg you please help me!!

I say, it seems like Crysis 2 is just a big Con to make money, there ganna lose it all becuase they dont know how to run a game proporly.
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Tried changing your password? Maybe your accout is bugged...
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The only time this happened to me I found out that one of my accounts was the issue - I had two. One account would not let me connect to any server whereas the other worked just fine.

If you have more than one account try using the other one. If not try creating a new player account and see if that works.
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I have only one account, I have tryed making more becuase I thought it was my acc that was the prop but even when I click create new acc the game keep loading (that loading icon) it just stay there even for hours it will keep trying to load the create account menu.. im so sad I just want to play.

This is what happenes
(that is not me I just found a video that had the same problem as me, I am also on the crysis 2 "FULL" verstion I bought it on steam)
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