Crysis "Unable to authenticate" error

Post » Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:20 pm

Sorry this is about Crysis, not Crysis 2, but I recently re-installed Crysis with my original, store-bought, fully legal disc and every time I try to load it up I get "Unable to authenticate original disc within time limit. Try again?" So I click try again and the next message is "Please insert the original disc instead of a backup (1000)." Happens every time, with & without patches, even after re-installing 3 times.

Scouring Google and reading every forum entry I can find on the issue, most say it's because of a glitch with Crysis' copy protection detecting CD emulation software on the affected machine. I have no CD emulation software running, though. Anybody know a fix? I'd rather not download a crack for my legit copy of Crysis that I've had for years.
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