Dawnguard quest rewards

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Hi there, i havend got dawnguard yet but i will get it later tomorrow, my question is, when should one start with the dawnguard quests and when does it fit in the best? after the main quest or before, and does it have any impact on the story/conversations at all? i have heard some say that starting it early will give you an edge with gears etc, while others says it doesnt matter? my new character is lvl 45 atm and stopped playing him until i get DG.. i want to get the best outcome out of it ofc. =)
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Bek Rideout
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I've played through it twice, both the Dawnguard side mind you. I see no need in playing evil. Dark brotherhood is enough. :tongue:

And both times i've played it before completing the main quest, i recommend to at least complete Dragon Rising before starting the DLC missions, more immersive that way. :smile:

And hi fellow Scandinavian. :P
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Awesome, immersive i like :P so the quest rewards doesnt matter? i mean i have full Ebony armor and soon deadric, the new armors are worse? i guess i will give that a go then, thank you :D

an hello to you too my friend ;)
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Alex Vincent
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Post » Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:56 pm

The Dawnguard set is worse than ebony, yes. There are however a number of unique and cool rewards in Dawnguard, one such reward can be acquired if you start a quest called "Lost to the ages" by reading a book called "The Aetherium wars"!
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Kevin Jay
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Post » Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:28 am

I was able to make Vampire Armor (through Smithing) so much better than the Dawnguard equivalent. I believe I improved the Dawnguard armor to just over 100 but the Vampire Armor went to 315! (I had 95 Smithing and used a +10% potion). I gave it to Serana, now she's near invincible haha.
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Thanks for your replies people, i just got the DLC and already playing. And thank you for the tip Aravy Sarayn!
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