Decoding The "For Honor" Bundles

Post » Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:59 pm

What could possibly be cooler than "People Hitting Other People"?

Well... "People Hitting Other People... WITH SWORDS"!

On paper it's definitely a formula for "Epic Win" with Knights vs Samurai vs Vikings...

But it's launching in a miasma of potential editions that make the launches of "Evolved" and "Arkham Knight" sound like grade 1 mathematics in their simplicity (and anyone who remembers these titles at launch will remember what a confusing mess their prospective DLC was).

The confusion is that Ubisoft are saying "All the content will be free".

That's great... I'm on board... but then, how do you get a $60.00 version... a $70.00 version and a $100.00 version?

Has anyone actually been able to figure out what you get with what?

I just want to hit people with swords.

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