Does Sovngarde have a purpose?

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So as I'm sure a great many of you know, Sovngarde has some parallels with the Norse afterlife Valhalla, being an afterlife where those who died in combat (plus others) go to after they perish and throw spectacular parties. But in Norse mythology, Valhalla served another purpose: Bolstering Odin's numbers for Ragnarok. So, just like my title asks, I'm wondering if Sovngarde serves a purpose in bringing the souls of Nords to it rather than having them recycled into the Dreamsleeve? Does Shor have some plan for them I haven't heard about?

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Some think it serves as a gathering ground for the souls that will serve New-Lorkhan during the turning of the Kalpa, when his war against Auri-el repeats in the new dawn.

Some think it's just a reward for those who have loyally served Shor through their lives.

I've even read speculation that it's basically an asylum, where Lorkhan contains the wayward souls who would jeopardise the the proper functioning of the grand machine of Mundus.

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