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Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games, but playing it on PS3 has about driven me nuts because after a certain point (as everyone seems to know) it crashes repeatedly. Which has me considering buying a used Xbox 360 just to play it without the issues. I just need to know if I'm likely to have the same issues or not. I've read lots of commentary online, asked as specifically as I know how in the question section on Amazon.com, but no one has just told me outright "Yes, it still crashes" or "No, it does not crash in the same ways."

I know Bethesda games--or at least this one--is glitchy. I can handle that, because I love the story and I love the atmosphere of the game. In fact, at this point, I still enjoy 3 more than 4 and 4 is pretty freakin awesome. Definitely beautiful and inventive. But...I haven't fallen in love with it yet, not like I did with 3.

If anyone here can answer my question about the 360 version, I would sure appreciate it. :)


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