Elder Scrolls 6 Wish List!

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So, Like everyone else I am excited to begin hearing about the development of a new game in the Elder Scrolls Series!

I was thinking what they could bring to the new game to set it apart from previous versions, or to make it better!

So here's my wishlist:

  1. Engine: A much more modern Game Engine, such as Cryengine 3; Or anything that allows for the absolute best visual immersion possible. I would LOVE to see the elder scrolls world in the absolutely best Engine, with Flawless Beautiful, lifelike scenery.

  2. Characters/NPCS: I would love to see much more realistic character designs, as lifelike as possible. I think something like the emotional face feature used in La. Noire! Also I would love to see flawless animations that make characters, and NPC's action appear as realistic as possible. Just little gestures, facial expressions, and definitely the emotional aspect of the face, and body language!

  3. Artificial Intelligence: I think we have reached a fairly high level of AI in the past few years, and i would love to see what breaking edge AI technology could do for NPC's, and the world! I would love NPCs that can learn, who's reactions are not automated, but based on a loose personality, combined with your reputation, and any deeds you have done for that person. (Perhaps even create relationships between NPCs; and have that also effect how NPCs treat you. There could be a WEB of NPC relations, Family's, friends, husbands, wives, children. .. So when you save this child of Some family: and later you run into a merchant who happens to be friends with this family knows about it; gives you discounts on items! Or if a certain merchant goes to an area to pick fruit to sell at his stand, and he finds you picking them, perhaps he becomes angry at you, and raises his prices! I would simply love to see the NPC's not just sitting around, but actively going about their lives. With a good mixture of AI based actions, and reliable time frames when you can find that NPC you need. (EG: at 8pm this npc will always be at this location.)

  4. World AI: I would also love to see AI implemented in how the world works, like creating AI controlled weather systems, seasons; more or less I would like to see AI make the world feel more Alive!

  5. Reputation: I've always loved the reputation aspect of the game, Morality and such. I would like seeing this taken to new heights; make it way more impactful on the game in general. I would also love to see Deception added, so people do not automatically know who you are, unless you commit crimes and have wanted posters up. Perhaps NPC's even have to read the posters to be aware of your reputation. (During their AI based lives, actions, etc.); Or maybe you could change your looks, armor, etc to pretend to be someone else; or you can use different names when interacting with different people.

  6. Relationships: Perhaps the addition of relationship dynamics would also be fun; certain NPC's, etc could become your friends; or you could flirt with women(or men, or both!); which also effects your personal 'reputation' with specific NPCs; Perhaps your best friend wouldn't care AS MUCH that you got caught stealing that expensive golden vase from the palace!

  7. Storyline: I would also enjoy more deep storylines within the game.. Of course these games always rock with the longer quests; but many of the 'random' side quests aren't that deep. I would like to see more depth added to these, with more consequences in the world for the quests you decide to do. I want EVERYTHING to be connected! Everything you do has a real impact, a real effect on the world, your relationships, and the story-line of the game!

  8. NPC Emotions/Moods: We all have good, and bad days.. so why shouldn't NPCS? Why have bland, emotionless NPCs.. this ties into the AI parts; I would love to see NPC's effected by world events, or your own actions; or random events that happen to them! Perhaps NPC's could even become sick, hurt, and die, or be robbed, etc! Just like normal NPCs perhaps there could be Thieves, assassins, thugs etc, who raid/steal, etc using the AI based actions.

  9. More interaction choices: I would love to see emotion added to your character as well, when responding or speaking with NPC's, perhaps you could set your mood somehow, or your mood is effected by your own trials and tribulations. Say you do a quest saving a kitten for someone; your mood would be happy; or if you had to kill someone you didn't really want to; your mood would be foul. If your sick/injured perhaps you would be cold, distant, or irritated! I think there is so much potential for adding emotion to the game.

Sorry for such a long wishlist, and the rambling.. I just love these games, and really really want to see adventurous, uncommon, risky features that other developers wouldn't consider! I think bethesda has some of the best developers, and writers in the world.. and I'd love to see them push the envelope to an extream degree with the next iteration of this game!!

Well wishes all!


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Post » Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:43 am

I think we can be pretty certain there'll be a new engine. Point 2 somewhat connects with point 1 - the engine is likely to set the limits here.

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Post » Wed Nov 16, 2016 3:47 am

We have a thread for ideas on future TES games: http://www.gamesas.com/topic/1609906-official-beyond-skyrim-tes-vi-88/

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