Elven Slaves in Morrowind

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Haven't visited these forums in awhile but it's good to stop in again. Hello all :P

My friend is playing an Altmer character on ESO whose backstory includes having been a slave in Morrowind. I had always been under the impression that none of the Mer have ever kept slaves of their kin (With the exception of the Orsimer) and I have been unable to find any reference of anything beyond Men, Beasts and Orcs being kept as slaves by the Dunmer during any time period. Do any of you know anything conclusive regarding the racial makeup of slaves kept by the Dunmer during and prior to the 3 Banners War? Thanks for your help.

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Can't you "buy" an Altmer slave in one of the slave markets in Telvanni territory? Thought I remembered that.
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In TES3, there is an Altmer slave named Yakov at the Suran slave market. There are also Dunmer, Imperial, Bosmer, Altmer, Breton, and Redguard slaves at the Tel Aruhn slave market. The Dunmer don't really care whether their slaves are Man, Mer, or Beast, they just happen to find the Khajiit and Argonians to be easy targets.

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Many thanks for clearing this up!

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Also as apart of a Hortator quest. You buy a female Dunmer slave to pass as a noble. You buy her in Sadrith Mora.

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