Fallout Clay Sculptures

Post » Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:56 pm

I’m just curious Chris, whatever happened to the beautiful clay sculptures BlackIsle built for the Fallout games. If people aren’t exactly sure what I’m referring to here, well during the development of Fallout clay heads were built (by Scott Rodenhizer) as a reference for the 3D artists to model their characters from. They actually used some sort of plotting machine to follow the contours of the clay face and built up a 3D virtual model in the computer, which the artists took and fine tuned. I don’t think that this was common practice in those days, but the game benefitted from these fully realized unique clay sculptures. I still consider the talking heads in the two Fallout games some of the most interesting models ever built. If they are still kept in the office, could you photograph and upload them for the Fallout fans. ;)
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lillian luna
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A couple are still around (in storage, most likely), but most disappeared or were taken by ex-employees, from what I understand.

Haven't seen them in years.

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