Game freezes when trying to load mods menu on XBOX ONE S

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What am I doing wrong? Every time i try to load the mods menu, the game freezes and puts me right back to the Xbox home menu. I've had this problem for 4 months now, and nothing I do helps. I've been in contact with Bethesda Support before, who then suggested to open certain ports in my router, which I've done. I've tried to unlink the Bethesda account from Xbox and that didn't help. I've also been in contact with Microsoft Support and tried every troubleshooting-steps they suggested for my Xbox One S. I even tried changing the Xbox I was playing on to a new one, but still no luck. It's not a problem with my home-network, as I've tried several networks elsewhere. It's nothing wrong with my disc, as I've tried both the disc-version and the digital version bought on the Xbox store. NOTHING I DO HELPS. I've played Skyrim on PS3 for many years, and the only reason I also bought it for Xbox One S was to have the option to play with mods. Is there anyone here who has experienced the same problem and knows what to do?
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Have you tried deleting the reserved hard drive space for mods. Possibly you might have a corrupted mod download or something got corrupted. It should be in the section where you see all the games and then you should be able to manage Skyrim game and you should have an option to delete game save and to delete the mods as well.

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I've never installed a mod in my life, so that's certainly not the problem. I've also tried deleting the reserved space with no luck, tried changing my DNS settings as suggested by Bethesda Support, but nothing helps.

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Which user account are you using the one from


Is the Xbox One updated as well as the game.

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