Has the new patch helped?

Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:56 pm

Just curious if any bugs was fixed I downloaded the patch on the Xbox 360 version but have not had a chance to play it neen busy over the holidays, so anyways has the freezing issues and the NPC's getting stuck in the ground been fixed or what?
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Aaron Clark
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 3:54 pm

I guess so, haven't experienced any more bugs then I did before the patch.
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:06 pm

Ive experienced less, I did not experience really any pre patch, but it seems to me taht the Lever Action glitch is gone, which is a plus.
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A Dardzz
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 11:38 pm

How about the freezing that bothers me the most...
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 11:02 pm

I had some framerate drops early on but thats gone now, its better than ever.
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Christie Mitchell
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Post » Sat Sep 20, 2008 3:05 am

Well a drop to the frame rate is a huge plus to it freezing every hour or two I can deal with that. :)
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Jordan Moreno
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 6:36 pm

Freezes and Crashes will never get fixed, but the game is fine and smooth since the last patch
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:03 pm

How about the freezing that bothers me the most...

Dunno the technical part, but since it hasnt crashed, however Im playing for less tiem in a row, so that might have an affect.

Youd have to ask someone else
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:17 pm

Well as long as the make it run smoother where it does not crash or freeze up, well I guess I can live with that I just hope there is a saving grace where they amend this problem here is to hope I guess...
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Marcus Jordan
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:04 pm

I'm happy that they fixed a lot of quest bugs and balanced energy weapons, but the game seems to crash more often for me (PC). Not everyone experiences crashes, however, and I've heard the Xbox version is pretty solid now.
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 11:55 pm

A big complaint I had with Fallout 3 was with energy weapons when they melted to goo or turned to ash enemys bodies stayed on the ground and the enemies would not respawn around certain areas like the Bethesda Ruins and on some bridge by Vault 101, it made the game feel not as alive or as challenging, is there a problem like that in New Vegas, I've not really used energy weapons yet...
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Daniel Holgate
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 7:58 pm

I had to sell mine I was gettin sick of it freezeing every 10 min.. but I'm for sure is goin to pick it up again
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Brian LeHury
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Post » Sat Sep 20, 2008 1:21 am

I'm on the Xbox and I've had one freeze since the patch came out, which is far better than what I got before. However, I've had a lot of slow downs that look like the game is about to freeze, then it kicks back into gear. This is FAR better than having it freeze on me though.
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Andy durkan
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Post » Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:13 am

Still have 3 quests that I am unable to complete.
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matt white
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:23 pm

Unfortunately, Boone is still broken on the PS3 because of a few needed semi-colons in his script. I have a community mod that's got him working on the PC version. It's something about him constantly checking the player's rep for some condition and it causes him to keep holstering his weapon in the middle of a fight because he checks for the condition every 5 seconds. It may be that way on the Xbox too. Evidently this problem also causes him to not head-track so he doesn't look at you anymore like the other NPCs. He's a zombie.

Other than that, I did the Oh My Papa quest differently and was able to finish the entire game. That quest still has problems though...make lots of sequential saves so you can redo if you have to. My game wasn't totally bugging before the patch so I didn't see a lot of difference...except for the nice gifts at the Safe Houses, the price of Stimpaks and the Gobi being nerfed. But my Energy Weapons rock. :)
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Post » Sat Sep 20, 2008 10:01 am

I think overall the patch improved things for many people. It's not a guarantee for everyone that the latest patch = a smooth non-buggy game, however. Never is.

For myself, patch 1.1 is what made the (pc) crashes a lot less frequent. I haven't noticed all that much difference in 1.2 beyond the quest fixes & weapon changes...and the Boone issue, already mentioned. Some people also have a bug with companions being poisoned (where stimpacks then kill the companion, which they shouldn't do). I think I have had a few more CTD's with 1.2 than I did with 1.1, but nothing major.

Edit: Also, if you have the Steam-bought downloadable version (no disc), if you only update your game rather than uninstall/re-download entire game, you may see more glitches than before. But a uninstall/redownload makes it all happy again. That's what happens to me anyway. My computer probably doesn't like Steam or something. :P
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