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So, I can't get past the Character Creation phase, like it wont let me click "Ok" to complete my character, and it wont even let me customize it, just pick the race. Someone please help me. I have uninstalled and reinstalled three times, I've tried to change the resolution, I've tried verifying files, and none of it works.

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Tikarma Vodicka-McPherson
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What device are you using?
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Ezekiel Macallister
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I am using a PC, and here are my specs:

Processor: Intel® i7-6700 CPU @ 3.4 GHz

Video Card: Intel® HD Graphics 530

Ram: 16 Gig

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 14393) 64 bit

and here are my mods:

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
No Weight for Ores & Ingots
Archer's Bow and Swords
Summonable Storage Chest
WAR: Unique One-Handed Weapons
Randomly Distributed Itesm
Skyrim Werewolf Village
The Sword of the Eternal Phoenix - One Handed
Weapons Of The Shogunate
Legendary Creatures
The Shadow Scale Set
Deal Weild 2 Handed Weapons V1.3.3
Shirasaya Style Kama
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Towns and Villages Enchanced: Whiterun
Towns and Villages Enchanced: Windhelm
Towns and Villages Enchanced:Falkreath
Towns and Villages Enchanced: Solitude
Towns and Villages Enchanced: Riverwood
Towns and Villages Enchanced: Riften
Amazing Race Tweaks! Argonian (2016 Edition)
Amazing Race Tweaks! Breton
+Amazing Race Tweaks! Dark Elf
Amazing Race Tweaks! High Elf
Amazing Race Tweaks! Imperial
+Amazing Race Tweaks! Kahjiit
Amazing Race Tweaks! Nord (New Edition
Amazing Race Tweaks! Orc
Amazing Race Tweaks! Redguard
Amazing Race Tweaks! Wood Elf
Complete Skyforge
The Eyes of Beauty
Left Hand Rings
Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds
Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons
A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map- With Roads
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
Unread Books Glow
HD Plants + Herbs
Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Pure Waters
Smelting Plus
50% Less stamina drain (Sprint longer)
Explosive Arrows
Diverse Dragons Collection 2.0

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Jon O
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This should be in the mods forum, not the general forum.

I won't be able to help since I am not familiar with most of your mods, but before anyone else will be able to help you, they are going to need to know if you are on SSE or Oldrim and you need to post the actual load order of your mods, not just a list of them.

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Paula Ramos
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I'm going to offer the opinion that it's something to do with the Amazing Race Tweaks mods. Try disabling or removing those, start a new game and see what happens.
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Amiee Kent
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Ok Thanks

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Chantel Hopkin
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Don't think it will even run with no mods on the integrated graphics. Intel 530.

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WYatt REed
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This might be part of it

It depends if it is Old version of Skyrim or the new version of Skyrim.


Have you tried the game without any mods.

I would also suggest that you invest in getting a videocard if you are on a Desktop and if you can add one.

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Del Arte
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Found a review running Skyrim (old) . 720 resolution 65, 43, and 31. 1080 res. 41 max, 29 ave, and 22 minimum.

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That might be it

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Julia Schwalbe
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