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Firstly, as I'm patching solely to use OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender), I apologize if this should be in the "Mods" section.

Anyway, the problem is, I have the GOTY PC discs. I've installed Oblivion multiple times (3-4) in the past from these same discs and have had no problem patching them to get OBSE to work. Now, whenever I try to clean install, even without installing any beta patches, I still get the "You are using the beta patch of Oblivion, please upgrade to" error when attempting to run the OBSE Loader. This is both before and after attempting to install the patch from the gamesas website's patches area. Evidently, I don't have permission to post links, so I hope that you all know where I'm talking about.

When I attempt to patch, the patch downloads normally, and the patcher opens normally. However, upon actually attempting to patch the game, I get an error message, "Old file not found.". I've looked around the UESPWiki, and apparently, this problem only occurs if you attempt to use the wrong patch for your region OR if you have already installed a Shivering Isles beta patch. I'm attempting to use the English version patch for American discs, and (as previously mentioned) am doing a clean install. I assumed it was just some sort of glitch or error from a bad download or possibly bad install, so I re-downloaded the patch and attempted to re-patch the game. The same problem occurred.

I've since re-installed the game and attempted to re-patch two more times (three installs, four patch attempts so far), and have also tried to run an older version of OBSE with my current patch setup. Nothing's working, and according to the UESPWiki (as well as this forum's FAQ, I believe), this should definitely NOT be happening with GOTY PC discs.

Anyway, I'm here to see if anyone has any idea how to fix this or has any idea where I would be able to find someone with the knowledge to fix this.

I'm currently trying to do this with:

Oblivion GOTY PC discs (Oblivion, Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine)
DLC Frostcrag Spire
DLC Spell Tomes
DLC Vile Lair
DLC Thieves Den
DLC Battlehorn Castle
DLC Mehrunes Razor
DLC Orrery

I'll wait to post which non-overhaul mods I'm using (other than OBSE), as this isn't the mod board, although it may be important to note that as far as "overhauls" go, I'm using OOO (Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul), MMM (Martigen's Monster Mod), and UnholyDarkness.

Finally, not sure if this is important or not, but I'm attempting to do this on Windows 7 (x64 Home Edition), and the discs are from Wal-Mart.
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