Issues after playthrough, in need of help, please

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During my playthrough I've made some mistakes which I would like to remedy somehow (console commands, mods, whatever). I have put 12 days played in this one character, so starting over is not an option for me.

Here are my issues:

- Danse: Having saved him from Maxson, but wiping the BoS out after he won't talk to me. I know this is not a bug, but I would like to have him as a companion anyway, especially since I haven't maxed out his affinity yet, so I've failed to get the perk.

- Covenant quest line (Human Error and even the SAFE test): I've wiped out the Institute, before I would even visit the Covenant, so the quest is not available anymore. I would like to do it on this character nonetheless, if there was a console command to reset it or something, would be nice.

- Geneva in Diamond City won't talk to me after buying the house there, so I can't ask her about jobs in the city, so that I could start the bounty poster radiant quests. I guess this is intentional as well, but still...

As all three of my issues are, as I figure, intentional, so I doubt that they will "fix" them in a patch in the future.


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I think you've gone too far in many of the questlines, especially in wiping out the Institute, that you can go back. Your only options are start a new character, I have over 450 hours played on 3 different characters, so 12 days isn't that bad to start over. Or you can reload your current character from an earlier save, before you wiped out the Institute. It's not possable to do everything on one character, because some choices you make to support certain factions automaticly exclude you from doing other factions quests.

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Okay, let me rephrase. I have 400 hours on this one character. I will not start over. Since I wiped out the Institute I played more than before that. I was lvl52 then and I'm at 100 now. I've built stuff etc, so it's not just starting over the quest line.

I lost the viable blood sample quests and the scribe quests, etc, I know. I could have chosen to side with the Minutemen and let BoS live too, but I wouldn't. I don't like them ("If they are not with us they are against us - Proctor Teagan" and stuff like that).

It's only these three things that bother me, because I could have done them but didn't. I wouldn't care for having Danse with me, but I want his perk, and I don't just want to use a console command to aquire it. I want to earn it so to speak. The thing with Geneva is a bit nonsense that she won't even talk to me anymore. As for the Covenant... It would still make sense for the quest to be there, because the synths are still out there even though the Institute is done for, so they could still be paranoid about synths infiltrating them to do stuff...

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You live with the choices you made or start over.

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My wife likes to use the cheat that shows all locations on the map, so as a result she doesn't explore and find quest lines like Covenant.

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