John Hurt passes away ages 77

Post » Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:39 pm

We lost another acting icon: .

For those who don't know his parts he played:

In Aliens as the guy who had the Alien pop out of his chest.

The British Tyrant in V for Vendetta.

Ollivander in Harry Potter.

The War Doctor in Doctor.

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Indeed, a sad time for all. The man meant everything to all finding their identity in the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy (and beyond). He was a staple of British (nay, Global, theatre and a waypoint for damn near all finding their places in the world. Indeed, for myself, Hellboy (the movie) was a needed respite from the real world, a world John Hurt (along with many other memorable roles, of course) brought to life before our very eyes.

A great actor, with a bottomless repertoire, and an endless devotion to the human plight of this world: one of over-achieving potential and the ever-important desire of the balance between the natural world and human desire. Indeed, his work taught us all of a trust between the natural world and its 'protectors', the anthropocentric human race.

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helen buchan
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Truly, my deepest condolences for those just finding out about this dreadful news.... I have provided some news articles below. (as often as possible, please let me know if I'm out-out-date)

Twitter: (Please, refrain from contacting family members during this turbulent time),

Facebook: Please do not expand to immediate family

(May I also please add that we only respect the deceived)

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A tragic loss of the world-of-film, to be sure. I will contemplate the loss of such a literary legend for some time, I should think..

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RIP John Hurt.

You had one of the best death scenes in any movie with Alien

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That's too bad. He was quiet prolific... and always surprised that he was still alive actually, whenever I'd see them pop up in something new. :)

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RIP John Hurt, great actor.

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It's sad, he was in so many wonderful films that shouldn't be forgotten.

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Nice that Yahoo linked a Alien Chestburster scene with 'Allahu Akbar' at the end... c'mon.

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He was also the Storyteller in Jim Henson's The Storyteller brief series :)

He was in many, many things. He'll be missed.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Hurt...

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