Making Sense Of The TES 6 release Date

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Bold words! I think a 2017 announcement is just as likely as 2018, and both much more likely than 2019. I have high hopes we will see the first of the new projects announced in June.

Nah. In all honesty the impression I got is that it isn't carved in stone yet. He said he "think you'll hear about those two first" in the E3 interview about the unknown projects, and later when the interviewer summarized "so TES6 is three games away" Todd replied "Yeah we'll see". What we can at the very least read from it is that TES6 is very young at this point in time, while P1 and P2 are much further along.

Based on the info we have currently I also think 2019 is a much too optimistic guess for TES6. If they indeed do plan to release two other large scale games first I can't see TES6 appearing any sooner than 2021. The quickest possible cadence in my mind is P1 in 2017, P2 in 2019 and TES6 in 2021 - and even that borders on unrealistic.

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When f3 was released was it common knowledge they bought the fallout rights? If so have they bought right to other games such as "the crossing"?
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In less than five months E3 will be here and we still have very little information to no information about whatever video game Bethesda Game Studios is working on developing right now.

I don't see a announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI at their E3 conference at all.

In 2018 for sure we will get information on whatever brand new video game they are working on developing or in 2019.

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How would Bethesda be able to make a Fallout game without having the rights? It was public knowledge, of course. And they only bought the Fallout franchise, nothing else.

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There is strong evidence that ZOS is making a Vvardenfell DLC for ESO to coincide with Morrowind's 15th Anniversary. IF Bethesda goes to this year's E3, I'd expect something along the line of last year's - marketing Vvardenfell for ESO, Dishonored 2 DLC, Prey... MAYBE we MIGHT hear about a new Fallout if some rumours are true.

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There is a possibility that Bethesda Softworks will also be showing something about Wolfenstein 2 and maybe something on Quake Chmpaions at E3 2017.

I just can't see anything about The Elder Scrolls VI being announced, maybe one of their new Intellectual Properties (IP's).

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"There are *at least* 2 big games from BGS before we get around to Elder Scrolls 6" -Pete Hines

source(I don't have permission to post links apparently): a youtube video at the 42 second mark titled "Bethesda on Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date: Not Until AT LEAST 2019; Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date News" uploaded by TheEpicNate315

Sounds like he was pretty clear there.

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Lets say we get f5 next year or 2019. There was a lot that people didnt like about f4 and it cant have sold as well as expected (i base this purely on messageboards/youtube excitement level etc compared even to sse). We would also have to assume that f5 was in begining stages. How much re-work would be required to change it (lets assume its similar to f4 with slightly advanced features). Howard and crew seemed confident that the f4 vision was the right way although they admitted later on results/vision was not perfect.
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I highly doubt the next game will be FO5. If I understand bethesda correctly they like to take at least a few years and a game to get a different perspective and reflect upon what they did in the past. I doubt they'll throw out another FO game right after FO4 just to correct some errors or something like that. It's not like FO4 was a loss or anything, it sold extremely well.

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There is a rumour, caused by a slip of the tongue from a voice actor in Fallout 4, which makes some think that Fallout 5 is in development. I'm not entirely sure how much credibility i would place on it, but... Well, to be honest, it's more than we usually get with rumours.

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There's also rumors of a new Fallout being made by Obsidian, Fallout: New Orleans, which would mean we could see another Fallout game soon, just not by BGS.

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Yeah that slip of tongue. What actor would do that. I bet his lines have already been recorded as i assume he had a contract. . I bet they are looking at w3 and other upcoming rogs and are having trouble due to 1/3 person
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Whenever ZeniMax Media Inc., Bethesda Softworks, and Bethesda Game Studios releases Fallout 5 sale or The Elder Scrolls VI for sale, I don't think their video games will have the dialogue wheel anymore since Todd Howard said the dialogue system in Fallout 4 didn't work the way they wanted it to.

I also think Bethesda Game Studios is looking at other RPG video games to take their inspiration for The Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 4 to move forward to develop RPG video games with RPG elements and gameplay mechanics instead of keeping on removing gameplay mechanics or whatever else.

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Of course, then you also have to consider the supposed statement from Obsidian that they weren't going to work with other people's IP anymore, and wanted to strictly develop their own games.

Rumours abound about... Well... Everything in video games.
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This thread is NOT for "Ideas and suggestions for future Elder Scrolls games." But rather, on discussing WHY the Elder Scrolls VI has yet to be released and WHEN it might be released.

Now let's take a look at the time frame between Elder Scrolls installments.

1994 The Elder Scrolls: Arena

1996 The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (~ 2 year gap)

2002 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (~ 6 year gap)

2006 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (~ 4 year gap)

2011 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (~ 5 year gap)

2017+ The Elder Scrolls VI: ? (~ 6+ year gap)

In a tweet I remember reading but am unable to locate or has since been deleted, someone mentioned on twitter to Vice President of Bethesda Softworks, Pete Hines, something to the effect of "The Elder Scrolls Online didn't count as the next installment in Elder Scrolls Series proceeding Skyrim." As you might expect, he didn't take it too well. I myself am not a fan of ESO, and even if I were I'd have to agree. ESO is an MMO, not a single player RPG.

Pete Hines, has said "It isn't delayed. The studio has two other major projects they want to work on before they get to The Elder Scrolls VI."

Isn't that a blatant self contradiction? Saying something isn't delayed, and then proceeding to say it hasn't come out yet because we have other things to do first. In other words, if Bethesda didn't have those "Two Major Projects" to do first, The Elder Scrolls VI would be released much sooner. This isn't speculation, it's an empirical fact. If that isn't a delay, I don't know what is.

Pete Hines also said in December of 2016 that The Elder Scrolls VI won't be featured at the next two Gamescom, which take place annually in August. That puts the earliest release date for the next installment in 2019. In my opinion, waiting EIGHT YEARS for a new release seems not only disrespectful but also shows a lack of regard for the fans of a franchise through whose purchases made Bethesda the company that it is today.

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In relation to the "isn′t delayed thing" - you don′t know their schedule, I guess? If they had previously decided that the gap would be this long so they could work on other things, then it′s really not delayed, it′s on schedule, but following a different pattern.

Now, even more seriously, they don′t want to rush the design of all those Akiviri that will be invading Tamriel. :P

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It's not delayed because it was never scheduled in the first place. Bethesda is in NO WAY WHATSOEVER obliged to develop The Elder Scrolls games. None, at all. You are in no way entitled to get a new game in some arbitrarily defined amount of time.
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The simple answer is that Bethesda is a small studio, and ultimately wants to try other things.

Believe it or not, average development time for a game ranges from about 2-4 years, even with relatively simple reskins (Far Cry Primal took 20 months). And this is for your average studio. Bethesda is half the size of CD Projekt Red, and less than a 5th the size of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed team. Less people means more work, and generally slower development cycles as a result.

Couple this with the fact that they have stated they want to explore other things, and... Well, they just don't have the manpower to do 3+ games at once, or churn them out on a yearly basis.

There may be other circumstances behind the scenes as well, though I think Bethesda's almost laughably small size (for a AAA studio) is one of, if not THE biggest contributor.

And in my opinion, expecting the men and women at Bethesda to set aside their creative control, exploration and fulfillment for the sake of churning out consumable product for a generly toxic community is far more disrespectful.

It's like the people who 'worry' George RR Martin will die before finishing Game of Thrones.
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We don't own the people working at Bethesda. They don't owe us anything, they're under no obligation to develop TES VI at all. They keep making these games because it pays their bills and they enjoy it, but if they decide to slow down and work on different projects for a while or even completely abandon TES, they have every right to do so. It's disrepectful to treat them as if they existed solely to satisfy your craving for more Elder Scrolls games.

On topic: Bethesda isn't a large studio, they might simply not have the resources to make all these games at once. But even ignoring that, releasing TES VI within the usual timeframe would have killed ESO stone dead. It needed time to find its stability without another massive TES title siphoning away the playerbase. It was a good idea to schedule other projects for BGS to work on in the meantime.

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If it's following a different pattern to every other release so far (4-6 year wait in between installments), how could it then be on schedule with previous releases? The delay is empirically evident compared to all previous installments.

A four to six year gap between installments as shown several times before isn't arbitrary. You might want to rethink your argument. And I'm not obliged to buy whatever Bethesda feels like making instead of and before Elder Scrolls VI. That's Free Market Capitalism: voting with your wallet.

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You're talking about two different things here. The schedule you expect isn't necessarily the schedule Bethesda actually uses. It's possible that they purposely took a longer break between TES V and VI for reasons we can only speculate about - if this is the case, then nothing is delayed, it's just scheduled to come later than some of us hoped.

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No, it is completely arbitrary. It's "the time it took for us to make this since the last one".

And Bethesda is not in the business of making games you specifically want to buy, they are in the business of making the games they want to make and hope others want to buy them. Your opinion on their development process is utterly irrelevant.
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Bethesda is a small studio because Todd Howard wants to have a certain measure of control over everybody. If Bethesda got too big he couldn't exercise that control over everyone. He's admitted as much in interviews. He's basically the Illusive Man in regards to Cerberus in Bioware's Mass Effect series. That being said, I like Todd Howard, I just wish he wouldn't lie so much. No one said anything about setting aside creative control, exploration and fulfillment. That's a fallacious Strawman Argument you simply made up in order to flip the script in regards to disrespect against me. George RR Martin has already told the TV Show creators what will happen in the event he passes away before he's able to finish it. The difference is, many people will die before the next Elder Scrolls comes out and never get a chance to play it.

That's another Strawman Argument about disrespect. Bethesda choosing to go another direction away from The Elder Scrolls is kind of like when Michael Jordan decided he was going to play Baseball instead of Basketball. In regards to ESO, I do believe it played a major role in the delayment of the Elder Scrolls VI. While the cinematics were amazing, the metacritic rating of the game itself speaks for itself.

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The empirical evidence for the previous release schedule isn't speculation. ESO is a large reason why Elder Scrolls VI got delayed.

You might want to look up the definition of arbitrary. I don't think that word means what you think it means. There was a distinctive empirical pattern between previous Elder Scrolls installments prior to ESO clogging the figurative arteries of Elder Scrolls and giving the series a heart attack. "Your opinion is irrelevant" isn't an argument.

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In Mr. Howard's defense, that style of leadership has worked extremely well in the Military. There's a reason Companies are a generally standard size across nations, because it's the largest size that a single individual can reasonably be expected to lead while maintaining personal relationships with those under them. There's about a 150-200 person limit to the number of people you can maintain a degree of intimate interaction with, and working within that has been shown by psychologists and anthropologists to actually increase productivity and mental health.

Howard's comfort zone likely stems from a desire to maintain that sort of working relationship with everyone on his team, and going larger would require greater compartmentalisation, restricting his ability to comfortably interact with everyone working on the project. That's not to say it's necessarily for the best, but there's a good deal of justification for his position.

Ultimately, it doesn't change the fact that they ARE small, and that size does impact their ability to produce something.

You posited that it is disrespectful of Bethesda to take so long to make another TES. We then established that their size means generally longer development times. It is established knowledge that they want to try other things, and make other games, and exploring this will come before getting back to TES.

So, you established that they shouldn't have the freedom to explore those other things, and should instead make TES6 in a timely manner, otherwise they are disrespecting their fans (who, frankly, would just claim they ruined TES with whatever they release anyway). You directly established that the timely release of TES6 is more important than allowing Bethesda to explore other things.

That's not me creating a Strawman, that's you dodging your own statement.

Which would be great, if the Show hadn't already diverged from the Books, ommited several prominent characters and plotlines, and generally become it's own thing.

And people die all the time. There will always be people who don't get to play the 'Next Installment'. This isn't a set story with an ending, it's an open-ended world that could, potentially, go on forever. If there was a set resolution, I may be inclined to be sympathetic, but there will likely always be a 'What happens next?', so ultimately we will ALL die without experiencing a Next Installment.

You have absolutely zero evidence to support that though. Not only does it rely on pure speculation, it also contradicts statements made by Pete Heins and Todd Howard.

Even the consistency of the development cycle doesn't match up. Daggerfall to Morrowind was 5 years, with Battlespire and Redguard in between them. Then Oblivion was 4 years later, with Fallout 3 only 2 years later. Then, Skyrim, with a 4 year gap, and Fallout 4 with ANOTHER 4 year gap, though they released Fallout Shelter

So, we could be looming at anything from a 2-5 year gap between 'Main' releases, with whatever sprinkled in between. If Bethesda's 'Pattern' holds, we could expect something this year, or as far as 2020, and it wouldn't break pattern in the slightest.
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