Mehrunes' Razor - PBR

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Mehrunes' Razor PBR

By Flash3113/Remiros

Version: 1.0




1. Requirements

2. Description

3. Permissions

4. Installation

5. Removal

6. Credits








This mod replaces Mehrunes' Razor with a new lore-friendly model that comes with high resolution textures, as well as optional PBR materials.

This mod was designed with the MGE XE PBR prototype in mind, but works fine without it.




Need permission to modify my mod




Drop the meshes, textures and materials folder into your Data Files folder and let the files overwrite.




Delete alle the files that come with this mod.




Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.

Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.


Tools Used


Blender for the base model and retopology.

ZBrush(core) for the high poly sculpt.

XNormals for baking the textures.

Photoshop CC and Quixel Suite 2.0 for the final textures and materials.


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Such a beauty!

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Thanks! I just uploaded an OpenMW version.

Edit: Uploaded Version 1.1 with fixed materials. Most likely final release for the PBR version if there aren't any issues.

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