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Howdy all, I'm a relatively new poster to these boards.

I like to do hobby writing and since playing Fallout 4, I've been having a bit of fun writing fan fiction involving the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel. I've got the chapters thus far posted to my DeviantArt site. You can find them collected here: http://rolandgrey.deviantart.com/gallery/57273266/Midwest-Chronicles

The main inspiration for this story came from the hype surrounding the infamous Vaults 68 and 69, each with 999 of one gender and 1 of the other. While some "art" has been made to display how these vaults could have operated at their most depraved, I instead opted to consider how wrong they could have gone. Or, in the case of Vault 69, gone right.

The story opens with the descendant of General Barnaky in charge of the Midwest Brotherhood, serving as High Commander instead of Elder. Why? Because the Midwest Brotherhood isn't technically the Brotherhood, is it? In Fallout Tactics, the faction uses military rank structure and avoids mythologizing themselves as they attempt to pacify the Midwest between Chicago and Colorado. After doing some research on their southernmost bunker, I found that they were just a few hundred miles north of Tulsa, Oklahoma... Which has an actual town of Broken Arrow next to it. I couldn't pass up the chance, so I made Tulsa the primary setting of this part of the story, with Vault 69 set up underneath an overpass in the northern sections of the city.

The story follows Zeta Squad, a Midwest Brotherhood unit that takes in the dregs and misfits of the rest of the organization. After suffering heavy losses, the last few are placed under the charge of Knight Captain Ellington, the last survivor of his own unit and a vertibird pilot. With their numbers dangerously low, they use the vehicle to scout regions at the edge of the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel's territory. With Bunker Delta as their base of operations, located south of Kansas City, that puts them almost directly north of Tulsa...

The story opens with Ellington's vertibird shot down and the squad, while not the best of friends, still functioning as a skilled, determined unit. Despite having a thief, a mute, a ghoul and a woman with a chip on her shoulder as his troops, Ellington leads them forward to first contact with a Vault community that the wasteland could only wonder about until now. As the adventure progresses, they'll make new friends, rebuild their ranks and work to help shape the future of the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel.

I hope the story entertains and I'm always looking for feedback.

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I've added a new chapter, if anybody is interested:


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You mIght try asking a Moderator to move your thread to the ART and FAN Fiction part of the boards. You may have a better time there where your at tends to be well slow on great days. Keep it up you do have some skill, though if ya take a look where I am at, Things arn't so peachy since the MLA lost to those damn Tinsuits.

Keep at it

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Ah, thank you. I didn't notice the Art and Fan Fiction section...

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