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I'm doing a fresh install of modded oblivion. I've gathered the mods I intend to use, I have grouped them and now I'm slowly starting to install them.

I'm using Wrye Bash, hence for mod installation I use BAIN. So far I have installed Oblivion, with all the official expansions and patches, and I've Pyffied the original meshes.

Now I started adding mods by groups and testing them. I installed my 'Utility mods' and they are working fine. However, as I was testing them, I've noticed that I'm missing the inventory icons of three pieces of clothing: Breeches, Clogs and Shirt with suspenders. The clothing itself functions and looks fine, it's just the icons that are missing. I doubt that it is due to the installed mods, yet here is the list of what I have installed at the moment:

    Oblivion.esm Active    DLCShiveringIsles.esp Active    kuerteeCleanUp.esp Active    Streamline 3.1.esp Active    DLCHorseArmor.esp Active        Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Scripts}}    DLCOrrery.esp Active        Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Actors.AIPackages}}    DLCVileLair.esp Active    DLCMehrunesRazor.esp Active    DLCSpellTomes.esp Active        Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Relev}}    DLCThievesDen.esp Active        Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: C.Name, C.Light, Actors.ACBS, Actors.AIPackages, Actors.Stats}}    DLCBattlehornCastle.esp Active    DLCFrostcrag.esp Active        Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: C.Name, C.Owner, Factions}}    Knights.esp Active        Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Actors.AIPackages, Factions, Relations}}    RefScope.esp Version 2.1.2 Active    Bashed Patch, 0.esp Version 22 Active

And a few OBSE plugins (again I don't think that that's the problem, I could list them though if necessary)

I tried reinstalling Oblivion, just Oblivion, the expansions were left as is. And still the icons are missing. This I found strange, because RefScope says that Oblivion.esm is the only thing affecting these clothes, so I thought reinstalling would help to remedy the problem. This is not game breaking, just annoying, and I do not really wish to continue with a heavy mod setup with a problem, albeit small, at this early stage. So anyone has any ideas?

Thanks :)

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Perhaps this is a load order situation, see this


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