Mod Load Order (Advice please) (XB1)

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Just wondering if this load order should work, I'm not sure everything is functioning properly:-

Unofficial Patch

Sovengarde Font Replacer

Beauty of FPS

Cheat Room

Vampires svck: No Attacks in Towns

STAR: Triple Gold! (extra gold rewards/loots)

Quieter Dungeons & Caves

Immersive Sounds

Sounds od Skyrim: Dungeons

Breezehome Crafting Basemant

Female Mannequins

VioLens: Killmove

Bridges of Skyrim

Skyland - Landscape Texture Overhaul

Skyrim Graphic Overhaul

Skyrim Graphic Overhaul Part 2

HD Torch, Fire & Embers

More Trees & Flora

Grass Field

True Storms

Wet & Cold

Realistic Water Two

Darkness Falls

Skyrim Resized Animals

Ethereal Elven Overhaul

CT77 Body Mesh TBBP

KS Hairdo's XB1 (Female Pack)

Natural Eyes

Ashara Followers Faces

Fangs & Eyes: Serana

The Ravens/ No More Hagravens

Redesigned Males

Lore and Gender Heights

RS Children Overhaul

Remodeled Armour & Clothing for CT77

Vampire Leather Armour

All Armour Lootable & Wearable

Complete Smithing

Beauties of Skyrim

Immersive Citizens

XP32 Maximum Skeleton & Realistic Ragdolls

Manly Animation

Girly Animation

Girly Animation - Shared

Vanilla BBP Animations

BBP Animations

Life Like Idles

ELE Interior Lighting Overhaul

Thanks for any help! :liplick:
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