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The following are excerpts from the . It has info from quests that were cut from southern Alinor as a zone in ESO . These never made it into the game but perhaps offer a look into Altmeri sociery in the 2nd Era that we didn't know a lot about. As these never made into the game they are perhaps not canon lore yet? They make for interesting reading anyway. The full article has lots more of these but I only pasted a few here as examples


"Beneath the Queen are the Kinlords and Kinladies. Next come Optimates, then Exultants, then commoners such as guards and artisans. The Ousters are pariahs, Altmer who have left or been banished from their Kinships. I pretend not to see them."

"A Battlereeve is a commander in the Altmer military. Only warriors who have served Summerset for at least four centuries may be appointed Battlereeves. Many a Maormer has met his end on the edge of my blade."

"Family is everything to the Altmer. Each is a member of an extended clan group called a Kinship, and owes allegiance to a Kinlady or Kinlord. All the members of a Kinship live together in a great home called a Kinhouse."

"Each great Kinhouse is home to an extended family of Altmer, a Kinship. For example, to the east of here is the Isquer Kinhouse, home of the Isquer Kinship. Kinlord Maldarawo, head of the Isquers, is the leading Altmer of his region."


"The Orrery takes up a part of the sky of Alinor. By syncing the model planets with their divine counterparts, the Altmer draw magica from the heavens. Each constellation has an Exemplar who represents it, and each planet is attuned to a Skyharker. When the Maormer attacked, they threw the planet Auri-el from the sky and replaced it with Orgnavar, a necromantic totem planet created with the assistance of the Sload."


It is a magical focus, chiseled from the glass of a fallen star. The Lenses channel the magicka of the stars into our Varlines. Through the Varlines, magicka flows to Kinhouses and monuments throughout Summerset."

"A crystal made of meteoric glass. Varla Lenses direct and focus the energy of the Varlines. The Varlines are streams of magicka drawn from the stars.They flow across the land, powering various works of magic."

Varlines are magica conduits that stretch through the region. The Altmer use Varla Lenses to siphon magica from them for defense and other purposes.

"Vartisans are skilled practitioners of the art of maintaining the Varlines passing through Tamvir, Varlines which keep the Altmer magic flowing strong."

The Oyinaam is a magical bell that uses tones to drive off the Maormer. "The Varlines power the Oyinaam, which play a music the vile Maormer cannot abide. The melodious sounds weaken their bodies as well as their minds. 'Tis astonishing such beasts respond to music at all...."

Discarnates and Aquifi are Daedric servants magically bound [with magicka from the Varlines] and used to do manual labor

"Just as the Discarnates concern themselves with the upkeep of Altmer designs aboveground, Aquiferi Elementals maintain Summerset from below - routing waterflow and pushing up nutrients. Perfection demands diligence!"

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