Morrowind creatures?

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Why aren't the creatures like the Bonewalkers, Bonelords in Cyrodil and Skyrim? Also why are Golden Saints hostile in Morrowind?

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Madison Poo
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Bonewalkers and Bonelords are specific to Morrowind tombs, I believe. So they won't appear elsewhere.

My guesses for the Golden Saints: since Sheogorath is a part of the Four Corners of the House of Troubles in Morrowind, the locals will often not be friendly to anything associated with Sheogorath and the Golden Saints act the same in return. They're daedra, so they'll normally be hostile while on Nirn anyways. I'm assuming you are comparing them to their Shivering Isles iteration, to which I would say since you were 'called' to Sheogorath's realm, they won't be so quick to attack you as that would displease their lord.

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Gemma Flanagan
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Because the Bonewalkers and BoneLords are rather specific to Dunmeri burial practices and necromancy (though don't call it that to their face). They are constructs that defend the Dunneri tombs from intruders, either built from the remains of honoured ancestors (Bonelords) or the bodies of would-be Desecrators (Bone Walkers). Their construction and use is almost unheard of outside of Morrowind.

As for the Golden Saints... Why are Azura's messengers, the Winged Twilights, hostile? Because bound Daedra are required to follow orders. If they're charged with protecting a site, then protect it they must, regardless who tries to intrude.
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