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hardcoe Overhaul is a collection of tweaks and gameplay changes designed to make Vvardenfel a harsher and more unforgiving place.


You will need to eat, drink and sleep to stay alive. Going too long without food or drink and you will die. (More info below)

Ash, blightstorms and blizzards will cause varying attribute penalties. Blizzards and blightstorms will also cause health and fatigue damage.

The waters and lakes of Solstheim will cause fatigue damage, with the risk of hypothermia if staying in water for too long. (More info below)

Durzogs are added to the wilds of Vvardenfel from level 1. Most creatures can be encountered in dungeons and around ruins from level 1.

Lava is more deadly. Falling in lava will all but guarantee death. Steam vents around Molag Amur will cause fire damage if crossed.

Running out of fatigue will cause you to collapse with exhaustion.

Diseases cause greater attribute penalties.

Gold has a 0.01 weight value (per coin)

Enemy health meter is removed.

Caves and tombs are locked to a level depending on their location. Homes and traders will also lock their doors throughout the night and open again in the morning.

Falling causes more damage if acrobatics is low.

See mod readme for full info!

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Sounds really interesting, I could imagine playing with this mod some time in the future. I'm going to keep an eye on it for sure.

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