New Vegas suddenly crashes

Post » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:17 pm

Hey folks!

I quite suddenly have this rather strange problems with crashes in NV:

Over the last few days I was happily playing New Vegas, and save for an occasional CTD (when entering a new cell usually), everything was fine.

When I wanted to play today, I found it impossible to do so:

Loading different saves and running around in the Wasteland - it will crash after a few minutes

Firing a weapon (all saves) - it crashes every time

Starting a new game - direct CTD

I then started the usual troubleshooting:

Verify game files - it found a few corrupted files, but didn't solve the issue (possibly just some files overwritten by mods)

Play unmodded (I don't have that many mods anyway and nothing really big) - no change, still crashes even on new game

Play without 4GB patch or NVSE - no change

Restarting the PC (you never know...) - nothing

The strange thing is, I haven't done anything since I last played yesterday. No updates to drivers (or Windows), no different hardware, and no changes to NV either.

Still, it outright refuses to run.

Any ideas?

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Jay Baby
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Post » Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:43 am

What mods are you using?

To really play unmodded you need to uncheck the mods and disable archive invalidated. You also need to backup the ini files and delete and let the game remake them.

Also unsubscribe from steam workshop mods. Disable ENB series etc.

Is it a freeze or crash to desktop? Any error messages?

Post a dxdiag:

Please use spoiler tags. BUtton to the left of the Font drop down. Select spoiler and paste the contents in the textbox.

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Craig Martin
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Post » Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:06 am

Just the plain old "Application has stopped working" window, no further info given.

Since I've not touched any ini file in between yesterday and today, my best bet right now is that some mod file got corrupted somehow. Probably during another crash or such.

I'll try properly uninstalling them and then maybe add them back. See if that works.

I'm using (in no particular order):




NV Redesigned

Nevada Skies


NV Interiors Project

Strip open

Josh Sawyer's mod

A few texture mods (nothing over the top, usually going for some middle ground there)

Various compatibility patches

Load order was working fine and is unchanged.

No ENB in use.

Don't have access to the gaming pc right now, might post DXDiag later.

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Miranda Taylor
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Post » Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:58 am

Ok, for now it seems to be working again.

I had disabled and completely removed (in NMM) all mods, but that didn't help.

Set everything to default settings - nothing.

Started selectively deleting files in /data (leftovers from mods, mostly) and let Steam check the files - still nothing.

Then I removed various other files from the main directory and again let Steam do it's thing - that has finally helped.

Seems one of the files there has been damaged. As to what, when and how - I've got no idea. Now to re-enable mods and set up load-order again...

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Nitol Ahmed
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