Normal settlement bug + now defense disappears

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I'm playing on the xbox one.

I was experiencing the bug with the pip boy not accurately depicting the settlements output. I took the steps I read about such as removing TVs and jukeboxes in addition to not fast traveling directly from a settlement and walking out of it's range first. That worked sporadically, sometimes I'd see it and simply go back to the settlement open the workshop and set things right again. When you only have a few settlements, this is a minor annoyance...when you have a dozen or more, it's get to be hair pulled out frustrating.

But now, the bug has morphed for me.

Abernathy Farm was showing a discrepancy in the pip boy. When I arrive there, I notice that some turrets have disappeared altogether (not damaged and need to be repaired, but gone). It's pretty obvious as soon as I show up as I keep turrets elevated on platforms (I use the bridge) and have them all along the perimeter. The platforms are there...but the turrets are gone. Also, I can't move the platforms. I can select them but they stay red no matter what I do with them or where I try to put them. I can store them and/or scrap them.

Also, as soon as opened workshop mode all the crops immediately start going into damaged mode and need to be repaired along with all the water pumps and the generator. As I'm watching the food./water/power/defense all count down.

I wait for it to finish, I repair the generator and power is restored...then all the crops and water pumps start repairing themselves and come back.

I quit, do a hard start on the xbox and start loading previous saves until I can find one where it's not messed no avail. Best I was able to do was get on where only 4 turrets disappeared. So, I tore the camp apart and started over with it. But, if put a bridge on each corner of the north east side of the farm with two turrets on each bridge...those turrets are gone whenever I come back and the bridges can't be moved, only stored or scrapped.

And then yesterday, a similar thing happened at the boathouse. I saw a discrepancy on the pip boy so I fast travel there. Nothing disappeared this time but I have defense of around 300 mostly from turrets and they all immediately degrade and need to be repaired. And the food/water/power also start counting down and withering away. As soon as I repair one turret all the food/water/power start coming back online...but I have to repair each individual turret.

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