Not real sure what direction I want to go next...

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I've started doing a lot of the Challenges specifically. I know enough about the game and where to get stuff to make it build to a workable level pretty fast. I have all of the DLC's. Not sure what I think of the hardcoe method, but maybe I ought to just dive into it and go...

Maybe it's finally time to do a full max run at it and see what I can make happen - after that I can possibly buy into the Dead is Dead constraint.

I dunno if ALL of the challenges can be done, I'd have to switch over to the legion at some point to get them all, so it points to either picking a side and sticking with it, or making everyone in the game world come after my guy, so he could never really be everything to everyone I don't think. If I follow out all the Legion quest lines, does it permanently turn the NCR and others against me? What about the Powder Gangers? Can the Char change sides back and forth and still succeed at all of the quests? I think that's impossible, because several of the questlines are mutually exclusive.

Then there is also the "Bloody Roger" option. Turn everyone against the dude and say the heck with them all. THIS would turn the whole wide world into a truly dangerous place, but the loot would be extraordinary!

Who needs co-dependant Allies when you can become a Wasteland Vulture :devil:

Of course, that goes against the nature of my standard RP, which is to be basically one of the good guys, but since everyone in the story line has their own agenda why can't I just be rotten and enjoy it? :stare:


Then there are the base attributes to consider. To gain all of the implants that are helpful, endurance has to be a natural ten. Level up points rely on intelligence, and in my current near "SKILL-MAXED" char, there is a huge hole in Charisma. Some of the DLC's have helpful additions but I'm not sure a complete "TEN" across all attributes is ever possible.

Please remember that I have no mod capabilities on an XBOX, the vanilla can only be flavored by what is found in the DLC's.

~Still I wonder if there is a way to "Have it All"...

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Looking through the list of challenges, I think maybe one character could do them all. As three of them are assassinating House, Kimball and Caesar, you will definitely become vilified by the three main factions.

As there are only 9 possible implants available from the New Vegas Medical Clinic, you would only need an Endurance = 9 to get them all.

You definitely cannot succeed at all of the quests with one character, as you said completing some quests will cause you to automatically fail others.

I tried to achieve a SPECIAL = 70 a couple of times. I don't think it is possible, without the temporary boosts from some clothing options such as the Lucky Shades.

I'm sure it isn't possible without the Agility exploit from selling clothing in Dead Money.

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