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Post » Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:04 pm

A location NW of lamplight has super high levels of radiation, packed with super mutants. Is there a suit I can obtain that would help me survive the attempt of getting to that location or is it impossible?
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If you mean the area around Vault 87, which is Northeast of Little Lamplight, you can only access it through Little Lamplight or use "God Mode".

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Ok thank you very much. I have not been to lamplight yet. I have also ran into a sierra radio tower due north, north east of lamplight, after powering the tower a broadcast can be selected, when tuned in it seems to be broadcasting Morse code. Do you have any idea what it's for?
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It's not "for" anything. Just game atmosphere.

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Yes, you can only get inside Vault 87 through Little Lamplight. You can reach the exterior entrance of Vault 87, but can't access it from here. Also, the rad levels are insane and you'll need to suit up and hotkey RadAway. There are a few items near this inaccessible entrance, but nothing of importance. I used Dogmeat to retrieve some of them, as the radiation doesn't seem to bother him.

As for the towers you can activate; once you've activated one, explore a little until you find see a drainage chamber entrance. If you can't spot it, using the local map on your Pipboy might reveal the entrance. There might be something useful down there, it varies.

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Hell ya, thanks for the support my Fellow wanderers.
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