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First of all let me say: I'm playing this entry for the first time and I'm having a blast.

I owned NV on my old ps3 but I was kinda fed up, having just finished FO3 and all it's DLC I started NV roleplaying as if Courier Six was my Lone wanderer with amnesia after getting shot in the head... But I couldn't bring myself past Boulder City 'cuz I had too much Bethesda RPGs.

Throught all these years I read a lot about it and saw a couple of videos regarding some aspects of the story. On my adventures through these sight seeings I stumbled upon Benny's dialog options and the option of females having six with him or just siding with him and at first I was: Why would anyone want to do that? O.o

But, I went along. Benny is and hell of a interesting character, I [censored] Love Mathew Perry's voicework here and all his sillys ring-a-ding-dings and babys and all that [censored]. When he first says: "Truth is, game was rigged from the start." I was Like: I need to Find out tthe truth behind this!!!

When I found him, I was intend on forgiving him and raising the mojave to the ground by his side to exact revenge on the [censored] who crossed me...

And THIS is what I get:

I walk up to Benny and he insults me and treats me like [censored] garbage. I'm about to put a bullet in his head 'cuz I won't take anymore of his [censored]. And then he says: "You're not here to kill, you're here to get answers". And then I get my hopes up again, hell yeah! You bet your sorry buttocks I want my answers Benny, I'm fed up with your [censored]; (Very good writing we have on this fine piece of story telling here, think to myself.) Ok, Benny boy, but is just you and me on the suite, no body guards, no pulling tricks ok? On the suite it's time for some truth an' cheesee, without the [censored] sauce, hot the way I like it. Let's hunt down the [censored]ers Benny... And... then... There's no truth... there's no scheme... Benny wanted to take new vegas from Mr. House and he [censored] shot me. That's it. The bastard just says: "Yeah, I shot you, so what? Come with me and you're gonna make mad stacks sky high". Are you [censored] kidding me obsidian?! I'm all in for giving the player freedom to do whatever he sees fit, but this is the great reveal? This is what this interesting misterious fella had to offer? This is the game rigged from the start? "I'll kill the stupid courier." and that's it?! Who in his right mind would side with this character?

I just arived at Fortification Hill... I told Benny to scram in hopes that I would get any reveal, but he just sent his chairmen to ice me and fled right into Caesar's arms. Tell you what: gave every living soul in the Tops a lead breakfest. That place is now a ghost town. And I'm coming for Benny all right. I won't let Caesar crucify him, I'll slit his throat with a rusty cleaver and I'll dump his body on the river and after I'm finished with him, the legion will be erased from Mojave history for trying to be 2 3dgy 4 me. I'll show them, me and Rex will.

So, what do you guys think about this whole ordeal? Were you satisfied when you've met Benny? Were you pissed as me? I kindly ask for no spoilers pretty please? :3

If there's anything else to the rigged game let me have the surprise, I'll sure love it. Also, I'm planing on doing the DLCs post game, like I did it with FO3, is it advisable? Is there a point of no return in the main quest arc? I'm independent all the way, no [censored] autorities to rule over New Vegas townsfolk. It will be a free land for free people.

In what order should I play them? I'm saving LR for last, 'cuz my boy Ulisses have some big secrets and twists saved for me, I'm excited to meet my old friend in our old place, The Divide :D
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It's hard to comment without spoiling, but I will say you should enjoy the choices at Fortification Hill.

You might want to do the DLCs before the grand finale, they add a lot to the story lines. As far as order, definitely do LR last. HH could be any time, I often do it first as it is less connected to the main story than the others. DM and OWB come in the middle, they reference each other and can be played in either order.

I guess I wasn't as disappointed as you are with the Benny story arc. It could have been better. Did you know you can complete the game without ever meeting Benny at all?

There is a point of no return in the main quest arc, but you get a warning about that, and must choose to continue past the PONR.

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