Resident Evil 7 (contains Spoilers)

Post » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:49 am

I've played through the game two times now (on easy and normal) and I'm about to play it on the hardest difficulty next. The problem is that a lot of the game is scripted, so I know what is going to happen the third time around. Even the second play through I knew what was going to happen. The experience that came with the first play through was amazing. There was so much suspense and jump scares, on top of the mystery of the Baker family and not knowing when you were going to run into them next. After beating the game the first time I knew what was going to happen. I'm wanting to play the game more than once because there are so many unlockables that you can't get in just one play through. That is the biggest draw back to this game I think. The game would have been a lot better if the monsters or even the Bakers weren't scripted to spawn at certain locations at specific points in the game. Not knowing where the next enemy was going to show up would keep you on your toes. Peeking around corners and getting that feeling of not knowing when the next encounter was going to be made the first play through of the game so amazing, and made it truly feel like a horror game.

Does anyone else agree with me? In your opinion what was the biggest disappointment/drawback about the game?

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I think the disappointment of this game is there's no longevity of the game, I watched Markiplier playthrough the game and he did a pretty good job of it and it had some good moments, I even enjoyed the email of Mia when she was so cheerful and sweet talking Ethan, I thought she was a real person at first but after watching the LP I don't think I have intrest in buying it myself. Maybe for the VR but definitely not the regular version.

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