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I was wondering if there is a way I could actually tweak the values of the runeskull I'm getting. I will make it clear. There are two different ways to have runeskulls into a fcom game.

Use the martigen plugin and be done with it.

Use the main .esp and then use the fcom patch for that .esp.

I have to know two things:

> Is there a way I could copy the values from the Fcom_Runeskull.esp into the martigen one ?

> Does anyone know if maybe this job was already done? I saw this mod and it actually leaves me troubled:

From fcom readme:

Diverse Runeskulls - you no longer require the Runeskulls.esp or FCOM_Runeskulls add-on with FCOM. Also check out Diverse Runeskulls re-balance.

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