Sahrotaar won't become tame.

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I can't get Sahrotaar to let me ride him off to battle Miraak. I can't even bend him unless I've killed him once. then he comes back all tame, but just stands there staring at me. No dialogue, no offer to ride him, just the little quest arrow behind his head.

I've got Dragon Aspect and Bend will fully unlocked. I shout DA, then BW. I've hit Sahrotaar with BW 6-8 times (using up 12 potions to stay alive) before I clock him a few times. A couple more BW's, and no change. I kill him, he comes back to life, and stops attacking. He stops everything but waving his head around following me.


Everything has mostly worked fine up to this point. The quest with the blacksmith in the Skaal village won't complete, either. He just keeps shaking his head about the death of Thorn. I've completed the quest to filnd the Stahlrim map and have 30 chunks of it with me, but it won't complete, either.


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