Savegames Standard to New Vegas Ultimate need help

Post » Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:07 am

Hi all,

i have Fallout New Vegas for PS3, i wanted to play it finally after years having time right now,

started to play weeks ago and now bought the Ultimate Edition for the DLCs,

i installed it and my savagames from the original version don't show up.

the old one might be the AT Version i don't know for sure have lost the case, the ultimate version is german uncut. Is that not compatible? i have red many different opinions.

can i continue the old game but the DLCs will be there that i installed?

theres no way i'm gonna start all over again, what if i just download the DLCs in the store? will it work then? thats 40 euros which is quite absurd considering i already payed 60 for the original game.

i would be very thankful for help

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