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Y' know, I had thought of several ways to start this thread, but once I set out to it, .... they all svcked. So, in lieu of anything fancy or pretentious :P , here's the deal.

A few months ago I bought model kit. Recently I put it together and while assembly was very easy, after watching waaaayy to many YouTube videos (such as from Tested, Punished Props, epicfantasy, and a few others) I couldn't just put it together and leave it plain.

Now I wish I could have taken more step by step photos, but apartment lighting svcks severely, and my Cannon seems to prefer taking pics outside at a distance. :brokencomputer: Instead I'll just link to that I uploaded. :shrug:

I just did some basic weathering tricks to make it look like the skeleton had just emerged after centuries in the ground. If you have good eyes you might notice the blue in the orbits (eye sockets) and nasal cavity, so I'm claiming this is a frost specialising dragon. :P

If anyone else has pics of model kits that they've made, or would like to talk about model kits in general, feel free to share. :)


edit: hopefully the second link works for everyone now :(

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Your album requires me to log into Facebook mobile to view :(
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Mélida Brunet
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I believe the link may be broken? Says "something went wrong"
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Hmmm, Or

Option B is Photobucket....

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The second one works well. Nice work aging those bones!
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