Settlement Issues Covenant *Spoilers.

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Love the game, and I've figured some stuff out but I'm stuck on a few things in the Covenant Settlement.


First off, I didn't ally myself with them, I set the prisoner free and didn't kill the woman/scientist who had her in prison because she didn't attack me, so I figured Ahh screw it ill just leaver her. I go back to the Covenant Settlement (after collecting my reward for returning the daughter) and everyone there attacks me. Cool...they didn't like me setting the girl free. So...I killed them all. I then looted somethings but not all loot from the bodies. There are still blown up heads, bodies and heads of the dead people around, when do they disappear? Is there something I can do to make them disappear? So far I moved all the bodies in a pile in a corner until I can figure it out....but uhhh, I can't move the heads at all.

Okay so now I can edit the settlement and build but heres the weird parts....

The turrets that were already there, don't count towards my defense for the settlement, they are standalone and they need no additional power so thats not the issue....weird right? So I put up one of my own, but I can't move the already emplaced turrets or get rid of them in the build menu. I place one turret outside the wall by the front then proceeds to attack the other turrets that aren't counting towards my defense rating. So thinking I have destroy these turrets I destroy all of them....well now I have 6 burning turret emplacements that won't go away nor can I build on those areas.

A lot of the items still show up as I can steal them...even though all the original settlers are all dead, not a big deal I can scrap or take most of those, just thought it was weird and it goes into my next issue. There is a locked advanced terminal in the main house were the former mayor lived, I don't have the skills to open it. Because I killed all the inhabitants when they attacked me I have keys to all the houses. Yet they always lock when I fast travel somewhere and back, then I still have to use the keys to open the doors.

Alright one last issue. I sent Piper to the settlement (news lady from Diamond City) It shows up as 3 people in my Settlement. I see the two settlers, but piper is no where to be found. I did this with Dogmeat as well and had to reload because I could't find him either.

So what is going on? Any advice or fixes? I tried to explain this as the best I could...haha so thanks for the help ahead of time.

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Well I found Piper she was just taking her sweet time...still not sure on the other stuff though.

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not to mention most of the beds are still counted as owned and some of them you can't even scrap or move or anything, I think beth needs to do a bit of work on this settlement(the inhabitants bodies still haven't de-spawned for me) or at least explain how to make it yours better. If you steal any items after inhabiting the place with new settlers and steal stuff...they attack you..your own settlers attack you for stealing from your own settlement...can't you just un-mark the whole town for theft after human error is completed Bethesda? if people go hostile because of a quest it shouldn't still count as stealing (eg the Cultists of Charles View Amphitheater why am I considered an ass for taking from these well dressed thieves after they turn their weapons on me?), I can take whatever I want from raiders and the institute without codsworth hating me so why is a new hostile faction any different? they seem to have done the whole converting places into your own after completing quests well in most of the initial settlements, I just wish they would do it for this place, if not all places.

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