*Spoiler* Power armour locations

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Im starting this thread to hopefully help people having issues finding power armour. I know of 3 locations so I am hoping others can provide more.

The locations I am aware of:

NW Commonwealth


As part of When Freedom Calls quest in Concord

Military Armour Transport ENE of Tenpines Bluff

Military Armour Transport South of Drumlin's Diner

Due east of Sanctuary...SE of Disposal Robotics Ground is a crashed vertibird with an intact suit of power armour

North Central Commonwealth:

National Guard Training Yard: Between Relay Tower OMC-810 and Revere Satellite Array

Revere Satellite Array also has one

Crashed Vertibird: SE of Rotten Landfill by the lake

Military APCS: SSE West Everett Estates

Military Convoy: WSW of Finch Farm

Western Commonwealth:

South of Fort Hagen and the clinic is an Abandoned Power Armour Warehouse with a suit of power armour and some T-51 parts

Federal Ration Stockpile: West of ArcJet Systems (will show on map as a trailer with 2 windows)

Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates: E of Fort Hagen Filling Station

Mass Pike Interchange: On the highway SSE of Fort Hagen

Military Checkpoint: NW of Wattz Consumer Electronics

Crashed Vertibird: East of Graygarden on the freeway

Military Checkpoint: From the power armour warehouse mentioned above go SE and you will find it

Coastal Commonwealth:

Prydwen airship if doing BOS questline

Fort Strong:2 suits supposedly: Located SW of Specacle island

Glowing Sea:

Roadside Pines Motel: South of Poseidon Resevoir

Abandoned Shack: SW of Federal Supply Cache 84NE

Cave: Raider Power Armour: East of Crater of Atom

Southern Commonwealth:

South Boston Military Checkpoint: East of John's Salvage

Quincy Ruins: North of Quincy Police Station: Which also has one

Atom's Cats Garage: WNW of Warwick Homestead

Poseidon Energy: Raider Power Armour: Wast of Quincy Police Station

Military Barge (University Point): Northwest of Atom's Cats Garage

Crashed Vertibird: (Marshland): west of murkwater construction site

Boston Neighborhoods:


Cambridge Polymer Labs: Use radioactive sample with gold and lithium to make this power armour chest piece



The Fens:

Wreck of USS Riptide: Raider Power Armour

Diamond City Merchant also sells a power armour frame for 5200 caps



Back Bay:


Beacon Hill:


North End:

Crashed Vertibird (military barge) T:45 Power Armour

Boston Common:

Massachusetts State House: Raider Power Armour

Financial District:

Goodneighbor: Bobbi's Place:

35 Court: NE of Postal Square

Theater District:

Mass Bay Medical Center: T-45 Power Armour

Boston Harbor (Waterfront):


South Boston:


The vast majority of these Power Armour suits are leveled

Hope this helps in some way

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Updated it with all the locations I could: Hope this helps people find some power armour

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Just a small minor recommendation... include the type of Power Armor at each location if known.

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When you say they are "leveled" what do you mean? Is it better to leave suits alone until you reach higher levels etc?
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