Stop a book being picked up by the player

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Hi all I made a book. nothing fancy, no scripts (apart form defaultdisablehavokonload), no quests or nothing attached to it. Just a book with some text in it sitting on a book pedestal. I ticked the "cant be taken" checkbox for my book but this does absolutely nothing in game. The book can still be taken after reading as normal. So my question is how do I stop the book from being taken by the player ?

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Sounds like you have to fake it with a script :/, and make the "book" an activator, and when "activated" bring up a message, containing the text.

Create an activator.

In the book's form window, copy the file path for the model of the book, then paste it into the model box for the activator.

Now you need to make a message form, and place your text into it(check that it's a message box). Make a single button that says "close".

Then add this script:

Message property BookMessage auto

Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef)
akActionRef = Game.GetPlayer()
if akActionRef

Function Menu()
Int i = BookMessage.Show()
if i == 0
; Close menu


Seems nice and simple(though slightly immersion breaking because book doesn't open). But you can't take this kind of activator :P. And this is the approach I would take(I actually was going to try the "Can't be taken" for my own mod.. too bad it doesn't work).

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