Tales of a Junktown Ranger: A Fallout Fan Series (RELEASED)

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Hey Fallout fans! The Fan-Made three-part Fallout Web Series "Tales of a Junktown Ranger" has finally released its first episode! Go to "DigitalBlenderStudios" on YouTube to view; or simply search "Tales of a Junktown Ranger"!! (Sorry, for some reason I have no permission to post a direct link.) :disguise: :fallout:

(Episode 1 of 3) (CLICK HD)

"Tales of a Junktown Ranger" Is a three part web series based in the Fallout universe directed and written by Baron Pulitzer.


Synopsis: An ex New California Republic Ranger, the "Junktown Ranger" (Baron Pulitzer), is called upon by the NCR as they are in desperate need of assistance.

Special thanks to:

Tarah Pollock

Chris Jared

Thomas Anawalt

Dee Dee Stephens

Laura Lewis

Pim Hendrix

Cole Hedger

Hutton Pulitzer

All music and sounds by Inon Zur.

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