The Mystery of the Dwemer Solved

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The Dwemer, as I sure you all know, were a race of technologically and scientifically advanced race of mer that disappeared off the face of Nirn.

Their disappearance is a complete mystery, which I want solved.

After Lorkhan deceived or convinced the Aedra into creating the mortal realm, his heart was torn out and thrown into Nirn. The impact became the Red Mountain of Morrowind. Millennia later, the Dwemer discovered the heart and decided to use to ascend to divinity. However the Chimer (ancestors of the Dunmer) believed this as blasphemous and waged war against them. The Dwemer, using the tools Sudner, Keening and Wraithguard, struck the Heart of Lorkhan and promptly disappeared.

But where did they go?

Luckily we have a lot of clues.

In Morrowind, the player can meet the last known living Dwemer Yagrum Bagarn. He is infected with Corprus and a such is bloated and immobile, using robotic spider legs to move about. He says the reason he wasn’t affected by the disappearance because he was in an Outer Realm; a different Dimension. This suggests that the Dwemer disappeared to another Realm or perhaps a plane of Oblivion. Further evidence is a line by the mage Falion of Morthal in Skyrim. He says "I have travelled the Oblivion planes. I have met Daedra, and Dwemer, and everything in between."

Perhaps the best evidence we have of this theory is the Quest Arniel’s Endeavour in Skyrim. In it, the player is tasked with assisting the mage Arniel in the College of Winterhold in recreating the Dwemer’s disappearance. The player must collect 10 dwemer cogs, the blade Keening and a Warped Soul Gem. Once collected, Arniel strikes the Warped Soul Gem with Keening several times before disappearing instantly. Then the player receives the spell Summon Arniel’s Shade, allowing the player to summon a spectral Arniel for 60 seconds.

What we can gather from that is three things. Firstly, like Arniel, the Dwemer disappeared instantly. Secondly, the Warped Soul Gem. As revealed in the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, the soul trapped by Soul Gems go to another dimension, run by beings called the Ideal Masters. This is a plane of Oblivion. Because the Warped Soul Gem was used to in place of the Heart of Lorkhan, we can assume, that the Dwemer were taken to a different plane of Oblivion. Lastly, the fact we can summon Arniel’s Shade is further proof that the Dwemer are in a different realm of Oblivion. The spell is almost identical to those where you summon Daedra or Atronarchs. We you summon a Daedra or Atronarch, you are summoning them from whatever plane of Oblivion they were in. After the spell is complete, the Daedra or Atronarch returns to that plane. We can assume the same with Arniel and the Dwemer.

But tell me what you guys think.

Where do you think the Dwemer went?

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