The Next Elder Scrolls Game: Suggestions to consider (please

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I assume bethesda is working on the development of the next gen game.

I know graphics are important but what made a lot of games great, with much lesser graphics of their time, was due to the movement and physics of the game.

I remember when Oblivion came out. While watching the "the making of" video, this woman who was tasked with the animations of the horse sounded so proud of herself

but the horse movement animations were absolutely terrible.

What I suggest is that you recycle/reuse the entire world of oblivion/skyrim, make a new storyline, update the character models and kill all repetitiveness found in dungeons.

Focus on character animations, movement, interaction, combat, and overall physics. There is still no game out there that has great water splash physics. Characters in

todays games are still able to jump in water, swim, and emerge completely dry.

With the current GPU and CPU technology today, many of these physics calculations could be made possible.

I highly suggest looking more into the nature part of the oblivion world. Make an AI system that allows for more realistic animals where hunting is like that of an actual sport or survival...

Audio is the second most important factor in the game's immersion. Please allocate a lot of resources into the audio of the game. People play with high tech headphones now-a-days.

Is it possible to convince the player that they are listening into a world where every sound comes from something that exists and happens within that world?

In the category of combat mechanics, I highly recommend your team observe games such as Bayonetta, devil may cry, and god of war. Skyrim combat doesnt need to be just like that but rather

take certain aspects of that and incorporate it into the game. How would a magic user even conjure spells in a close combat situation based on a realistic perspective?

With basic combat, a "cut" or "slice" should be deadly. a peirce should be fatal. Personally I think that "hit points" should be entirely removed from the game and replaced with a lot of blocking, parrying,

Ultimately, this game would be completely different even though it was the same geographical world.

Also ultimately, a game like this and games afterwards should be sold on its own SSD for consumers to purchase and insert into their computer systems just like the NES days. If a game is going to be 100+ gigs? it only seems... proper.

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Hi, and welcome! As is the sacred rite, laid down by the Aedra in the Dawn War,

We have an ongoing series of threads regarding future TES games. For ideas about mechanics and gameplay, there's For ideas about story and geography, we have

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Please use the linked threads.

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