The plight of Kentucky

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Well I wanted to start my own story, thing is I am not sure where I want to take it, or how that I should write it.

So I figured that I would at least start my base, as I already had my main characters kinda made up, and I could use that as a starting point, with that said here goes, character history/back ground first.

I just noticed that it is kinda long for a first post.

( Monday, April 15st, 2277 )
Some where outside of what once was Lexington Kentucky, now just a mess of twisted and broken steel, shattered glass and burnt body's.

The shattered remains of humanity has some how managed to survive the war, endure the hardships and form a fairly large town, well if you could call 150-200 people who managed to build walls around a old school and a few houses a town, the walls where made of cars and old buildings, mostly what ever could be found and easily put to use.

The walls, as sturdy as they might be, stood 10 foot tall, along the wall small platforms jutted out. These platform's had roof's and old worn out army cot's as well as a single chair made of scrap metal.
For as long as anyone could remember the walls had withstood raider attacks and staved of the local wild life with ease, in the past few days however the walls had really been pushed to the limit.
Hordes of super-mutant bodies lay scattered about, the continued attacks had left several super-mutant corpse's all around the wall, they where probing, searching for a week spot.
A few of them managed to fire off some rpgs and lob a few grenades into the wall, blowing holes in it. The holes where quickly repaired with what ever could be found, so far it had held.
The supply of scrap metal to fix the wall was running low, the make shift army attacking them had managed to trap them all inside the walls, the food was running low as well, it seems that water was the only thing in good supply there.
But what would super-mutants want here? was there really some thing here so worth while to them, as to keep throwing there self's at the wall in a vain attempt to get in?
Only a few had any idea what dark secrets and great miracles where held in side those walls.

( Friday, April 12Th, 2277 )

Ambrose and Crystal had just made it back home, the others where performing what had become normal around the small house nestled in the hills.
The house was really just a old coal mine, one single path to enter or leave it, the rock's and narrow passages made it very easy to defend, a Chain link fence still stood around the area in front of the cave entrance.
Brad Was guarding the gate today, he sat in the small shack and had a clear view of the road for several hundred yards.
His armor, like most of the other's was standard combat armor and was still in good shape, they had found it in the mine, it would seem that a local military unit was using the mine as a supply when the great war had started, they used the mine as cover and shelter when the bombs where falling and may have even survived for a few days before finally giving in to all the radiation.
The rusted trucks they drove there still parked where they had been left, they loaded the shuttle down with all the supply above ground and had sealed the entrance with the massive steel doors, the mine shaft ran deep at least 400 feet, and 2-3 miles back into the hill's. As well protected as they where, the massive fans that kept air flowing where shut off, the back-up generators that could have run for months keeping air flowing had no one to activate them.
The men slowly died, a lack of oxygen.

Ambrose and Crystal moved past the guard house, Crystal could have snuck in, knowing the area well, she traveled light and moved fast, Ambrose however would have never been able to sneak past, his power armor was a prototype version of the T51-B-HL, this armor was receiving testing, and was well suited to the hilly area and able to carry and lift more than the standard power armor, it was also very noisy due to the added servos.
Brad knowing who it was never reached for his M4, or even gave them a second thought, they walked on, heading for the rest area deep under ground.
Heading down they reached the heavily guarded area just outside the steel door's, sand bag wall's and guard shacks, only 4 of them stood guard 3 of them behind the sand bags the other in the shack.
There where 30 of them total, but only 10 of them had seen combat, the rest could shoot, but mostly focused on keeping the generators running and the cow's fed and milked as well as other repairs and vital tasks.
They passed the entrance, exchanging the normal hello's and welcome back's and headed under.
The shuttle still worked fine, powered by fusion cell's, the ride was smooth as normal and they reached the bottom after a few minutes, heading directly to there private rooms.
The "rooms" where really just 20x20 square's that had block stacked to give the appearance of a small area some one could call there own, but they where surprisingly well lit thanks to the generators.
Crystal opened the door and entered, Ambrose followed, his armor hissing and his steps echoing down the mine shaft, Crystal placed her M40-A1 in the cabinet, she was wearing a modified version of combat armor, it was lighter and had a camo paint pattern, perfect for going unnoticed.
She removed her combat helmet and let her hair down, her hair was long enough to fall just short of halfway down her back, walnut brown and silky smooth despite the hard-ships she had to endure, she turned towards Ambrose to help him out of his power armor, her eyes locking to his as he had already removed his helmet, those hazel eyes and her sharp tongue, had a way of getting her into and out of trouble.

She moved to help Ambrose remove his armor, normally only 5'7 and 200 pounds he stood 6'5 and close to 500 pounds in the amour, dwarfing her at 5'0 and 120 pounds, it took nearly 5 minutes to fully remove it all, once finished Crystal moved to take a shower, leaving her armor on the bed.
Normally Ambrose would join her, but not tonight, he had too much to think about, Crystal let out a small sigh and went on with out him.

No not tonight, Ambrose need to check and re-check there gear for the trip tomorrow, the small town had been calling for help over the radio, and the pair had just finished scouting the area to make sure it was safe so that they could leave.

He went through her gear first, proceeding to check each item.
M40-A1 Rifle, fitted with a scope, the weapon was kept clean, and was in great shape.
1911 Colt .45 hand gun, also in great shape.
Two combat knives, both in good shape.
Her custom modified combat armor, lighter and more mobile than most, it was not able to take near the amount of punishment his power armor could, but should keep her out of trouble. It had minor nicks and dings, and even a dent where it had taken a .32 round.
A regular camo pattern combat helmet, still in good shape despite it's age.

Happy that her gear was up to par and needed only minor repairs, Ambrose went through his.

First up his power armor, it had taken quite a beating over the years, but it was far heaver and could carry almost 400 pounds more than normal power armor, it even stopped a .308 round once. He had repaired that, and painted the amour flat black, so as to not to reflect the sun light during the day.
One of the extra added servos needing adjusting it wasn't working right and was a little slow to act, the helmet was still in good shape and even had a working Infra-red and night vision mode.
Ah his pride and joy, the custom Mini-gun made just for the suit of power armor, it attached at the elbow and mid arm, allowing Ambrose to use his other hand freely.
It fired a 7.62MM round at 900 RPM, it could cut a man in half, the gun was supplied ammo in generous amounts by the large box on the armor's back, carrying 2500 rounds, Ambrose decided it need one more cleaning tomorrow before he left.
His trusty side arm, a .50 AE with a extended mag and laser sight, hardly ever used it though, ammo was rare.
Ambrose checked his last ditch weapon, a home made 80 pound sledge, still in good shape.

There normal gear seemed to check out, along with a back pack full of medical supplies and food, A second back pack with extra ammo and spare parts, he would carry those, Crystal, who had now finished her shower, moved past him and was getting ready for bed, getting angry with him for taking so long.
Crystal didn't say anything, this could be the last time they have any private time for a couple day's she just wished he would hurry up!.
Ambrose finished checking the final pack Crystal would carry, explosives, grenades and the like.

Ambrose stood up, ran a hand threw his short Blondie hair and headed for the shower, while in the shower he thought how hard it must be for those who lack this comfort, and if anyone else besides them would ever get to experience it.
Ambrose stepped out of the sower, locking his deep blue eyes with Crystal's, he knew exactly what she was thinking, it was only 8Pm and they won't be disturbed tonight.

Well there it is, a start I guess.

Please read over it and see what you all think.
Ill probably continue from Ambrose's point of view.
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very good... well written and very interesting keep it up
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( Saturday, April 13th, 2277 )

6:30 AM.

Ambrose opened his eyes, laying there next to her, thinking back to how just a few short months ago they all where just moving from place to place, living off of what they could find.
Thinking about how things used to be so different, so hard, a struggle each and every waking moment to try and survive, try and find food and shelter, avoid the raiders and wild life mutated by the war, and those hideous ghouls.
The first time he had ever seen the monster's now called super-mutant's, how one almost killed him and the nasty scar he had received from that first encounter, a bunch of ragged and tired scavengers just trying to survive, Crystal and brad had always been with them, and a few others, ten of them trying to survive, strength in numbers.

( 5 months ago )

Ambrose, Brad and Crystal where leading the others, between all of them they had a single .32 revolver with 5 rounds and assorted melee weapons, the day had been going well.
They had already found a few days worth of food and water, and as they headed away from the city so as to avoid most raiders as the wild life, mutated deer, coons and bob cat's where far easier to deal with, the raiders preferred to stay in the city where they could use the old buildings to there advantage.
Ambrose was up front, in a sort of a V formation, as he held the pistol, Brad and Crystal behind him and off to each side. They heard screaming, gun shot's and the sound of men and women fighting and dying, not far off, just around the next block.
It was one of those moments, the fight or flight kind. Should they dare to check it out? or should they just walk away?
Too late, Ambrose had already made the hand motions for the others to take cover, they did so moving into a building and closing the door. Ambrose, Brad and Crystal move forward, staying in cover and moving from rubble pile to rubble pile. If it was them, Ambrose thought, he would want some one to try and help if they could.
They moved up to some rubble, Ambrose peaked over.
What he laid eyes upon, the sight before him, is something he will never forget.

There in front of him, scattered about lay the bodies of a fellow group of scavengers they had met the other day, most of them where just broken bodies now, that group was larger, 15 or so last he had seem them. Now four of them had been killed, laying on the street, pools of blood running into little hole's and forming puddles. Ambrose caught sight of a mass of people huddled into a small burnt out building.
It was then he finally saw it, he froze with fear and wonder.
Three of them, each seven foot tall at least, one held a man by the throat with one hand, in the other a jagged metal dagger. It's armor, a collection of old tires, metal plates and leather belts.
The thing made a wide sweeping cut to the mans gut, innards and blood splattering all over the ground and the huge monster, its green skin getting covered in blood from the man still it held in one hand, who was some how still alive and still watching.
Ambrose paused, the others didn't dare look over the rubble as they saw the fear in his look.
Crystal, looking at Ambrose could see every line, every pore and the expression of great fear. She noticed his blonde hair, cut short army stile, his face pale and drained of blood. By no means was he the best looking man ever, not chubby or skinny, average build, just a normal person just trying to survive.
Funny how one notices these little things in moments like this, she finally peaked over the rubble along with Brad.
Crystal gasped, the monsters heard it, they knew they where there.

It was almost like Ambrose had already started taking aim, not the best shot but he had plenty of practice against raiders and wild feral animals. This target was large, it's head easy to hit from this range.
Two shots rang out from the .32, both hit. The first one was low, hitting the thing in it's jaw, completely removing it, it tried to roar in pain.
The next shot was even lower, ripping clean through the throat, still trying to howl, all it managed was some gurgles as it fell to the ground.
The other two green monster's had already started towards the pile of rubble, moving faster than any one of them could have thought them capable of.
Both of them wore the same armour as the first, but one wielded a old light pole, the other had a huge board with spiky bits of metal on one end.
Three rounds left.
Ambrose fired the last three rounds left in the .32 the closest mutant with the light pole fell to the ground, the other one simply charged onward! It was too late, Ambrose shoved Brad and Crystal back and turned to face the monster.
The mutant swiungs the board at Ambrose's head, Crystal still falling managed to grab Ambrose by the arm, pulling him back. The largest jagged piece of metal in the board caught Ambrose in the jaw, slicing clean down his face and ripping his shirt, blood poured from the wound, he fell to the ground, teeth and gum exposed.
The mutant was caught off balance and began to fall, stumbling over the rubble, Brad lay on his back, Ambrose was still falling and Crystal was already trying to get up, her face covered in blood.
Ambrose, felt the pain, tried to scream, but his mouth just would not open, all he managed was a some muffled grunts, he fell to the ground.
The thing went after Brad, thinking Ambrose was out of the fight, Crystal too small to hurt him, finally finding its footing it lunged towards Brad, who by now was running away. Well he was trying to, he tripped just a few feet from Ambrose, his face hitting the pavement breaking his nose, and knocking him out.
Crystal was the only one left now, Some how she managed to fight the fear, jumping on the things back before it could get to Brad. It flailed its arms around trying to dislodge her, Crystal finally fell to the ground, the mutant raised the board high, fulling going to smash her head in.
The mutant Started to swing, but before he could move more than an few inches a Rusty and jagged piece of re-bar sliced through its chest, Ambrose had some how found the will to stand and that broken re-bar he used as a make shift spear.
Both of them fell to the ground, Crystal rushed to check on Brad, got him up and went to Ambrose.

Ambrose had blacked out, and was loosing blood fast, killing that thing was the last thing he remembers.
The remaining group of settlers came out from hiding, and quickly patched the injured up, they told Brad and Crystal about the mine shaft they had found, but they did not know how to get the doors open, they made a stretcher for Ambrose and headed that way.
Brad tried to tell Crystal he was sorry for running, there was no need, they had all been scared.
With Ambrose stable, they reached the steel doors and finally managed to get the power running.
They could have never imagined what was below, all the supplies and all the weapons, even a small medical area. None of them where doctors by any means, but they had some experience and with the medical equipment there they quickly stitched Ambrose up, and got the others taken care of as well.

The next couple of weeks where calm. the power was flickering on and off, but nothing they could not fix, Ambrose now had a scar running from slightly below his right eye and almost down to his chin. He was still alive though.
They finally got the power stable, and explored the rest of the bunker like mine, they found the power armor, and all of them agreed that Ambrose deserved it, for his actions and he was the only one left that everyone trusted to lead them.
Things went well, no more of the super mutants where seen and the raiders didn't dare attack such a easily defended area, Ambrose slowly learned to wear and use the armor as well as shoot the mini gun, He also started growing close to Crystal, who seemed to want to hang around him more so now than ever.
Brad Never forget what happened that day, and still has not forgave his self for running, he now takes every guard duty shift, trying to make up for it, vowing to never again let his friends down.
Crystal helped Ambrose with the armor, and soon found her own set of weapons and the armour she now wears.
Things progressed nicely, the bunker became a home, then a fort of sorts, even a few stragglers and loners settled down there.

Ambrose, Crystal and Brad had all grown up with each other, feeling more like a family then anything else, but after those events Ambrose and Crystal grew closer and eventually move into the same room.
They started running regular patrols, and even traveled as far as the small town to the north, it was a full days travel though, but well worth it.
They traded off extra supplies and food for fusion batteries and other things to keep the mine going, and even helped them with the wall some, and helped arm a few of the people there as well as teaching them to shoot.
Ambrose got to where he could walk in the power armor, then fire the gun. After a month he was very comfortable in it, Ambrose Crystal and brad even got some combat time against a few raider's who where foolish enough to try and attack them.
The armor was very handy, using only one had for the gun, the other could be used to grab trees or rocks to help climb steep hills, the boots had spikes and aggressive tread for muddy areas as well. He got used to the mini gun and then using a pistol in his left hand, the armor was shiny, very shiny.
Ambrose learned the hard way that it was a bad thing, it gleamed in the sun, drawing the eyes of anyone who cared to look, caused him to take a .308 in the chest once, a raider with a rifle took his first and last shot at a suit of power armor. Crystal saw the muzzle flash and let off a round from her own rifle.
But other than that, the months spent there came to be calm ones.
Well calm until the 12th, when the mutants turned back up.

( Saturday, April 13th, 2277 )

7:00 AM

Ambrose snapped out of his day dream, and put his memories away, Crystal was still sleeping, he watched her for a bit, her chest rising and falling with every breath, her hair around her face, things where so peaceful.
Now this had to happen, it seemed that humans where in a circle of hate and death.
Ambrose caught his self wondering off again, he could afford that here, but not out there. He started cleaning his gun and fixing his armor, he wrote a small note.
The note was wrote on some old parer that had been preserved down there, once he finished he slipped it into a slit in Crystals armor, she wouldn't find it unless he told her where to look.
Finally, with every piece of equipment gone over and fixed, he woke Crystal.
They had breakfast as normal, some milk and some sort of meat, probably from a deer the others had cought.
Crystal helped Ambrose suit up, and kissed him sofly before putting his helment on, then she got her armor and supply's.

They opened the door and headed out.
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Story breaker!
Double post!!

ummm, if any one likes this please say so, I am trying to make it something worth reading and any feed back would be great thanks.
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I like it. Keep 'em coming. Ha that's what she said.
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I like it. Keep 'em coming. Ha that's what she said.

Thank you, It's something I am doing at work, more tomorrow.
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Thank you, It's something I am doing at work, more tomorrow.

Uhhh... titan I don't want to be a dike or anything, but the great war wasn't happened before 23rd October 2077, so it's pretty much too early and also the supermutants, lore-wise they won't appeared to kentucky until 10th May 2162 or later(this is becuse a lot of super mutants escaped to the east after the defeat of the Master, which is by the way 10th May 2162). anyway, why the hell I used past tense to describe something in the "future", it seems weird... :P
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thats happens a lot. I made the same mistake. Its 2247
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thats happens a lot. I made the same mistake. Its 2247

Well... in his original fan-fic, he putted 2077 and he also putted 2077 in this one too... so maybe it was intended? but nevertheless he need to edit it...
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My fualt, I was reading the fallout time line to figure out when I wanted to set it, I was meaning to put it around the same time as Fallout 3 .


I changed it, What does everyone think? I guess the only down point of it was the dates I messed up?
I normally don't do this kind of thing, so if you all think I should just quit feel free to tell me, thing is my Pc is down, I got a worm and have been unable to fix it, taking it to a freinds who runs a PC shop.
I hope he can fix it.

Well I should have some more today, and this weeked I may be able to write some as well.
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