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I recently bought This war of mine and I enjoy it. Im currently on my third playthrough on a custom map i made.

I just wanted to talk with others and see their impression of this game and if they enjoy it to.

Ive learned quite a my three playthroughs on how to keep people happy , healthy and how to maximize gains from trading the trader that comes to visit.

Recently on my.current playthrough I started with.Roman "for his combat skill" , Bruno " for his cooking skill and that he doesnt care if i have to kill someone" and i made a character Yuki thats good with guns.

So all went well for a few days , had all the basics built and a herb workshop to make cigs.for trade and roman /bruno are smokers. Alls good until Yuki comes home in the morning tofind roman beat the living hell out of bruno...i mean bad. And ofcourse i had no now brunos severely wounded and depressed...thanks roman!

So a couple days go by still havent found bandages and bruno is very slow to recover. And person "zlata" knocks on the door wanting to join so i say she can. Her skill is lifting like thats just what i need! Roman has been arguing with whoever i leave on guard duty at night not to.mention what happened to bruno . Roman is just a loose cannon at this point and i was starting to of ways to take him out and kill him off since he was bringing the whole houses.moral down.

So i find bandages one night and i bandage bruno.and he recovers. But roman and yuki are now sick. Sooo i have them sleep in their bed and bruno guard while zlata scavenges. Bruno is all healed now and has a machine gun, helmet and.plenty of ammo for the night...

I get home and bruno is just gone...disappeared. i look everywhere and all my people say is hes bleeding bad and needs bandages but hes already gone i guess. I didnt get any notification of death or anything. So i carry night yuki goes out comes back and roman left and stole from the house! GD it roman lol...but when i saw what he took i was your not just.a.jerk your a he didnt take one of my 3 shotguns , or one of the 2 machine guns..or.any ammo , no cigs.nno meds and he was sick...he took one can of can. Lol...ok then i lost two people in two days. Roman wasnt a real loss though house is so much betterwithout him. But.even though i dont really like bruno he was useful. Ohwell.

Im now waiting to see if i get another person. But Zlata and Yuki are set as.far as supplies go. Goingtokeep upgrading and scauaging though.

Im intrested to hear of anyone elses playthroughs or experiences.
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